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When was the last time, you did something for the first time?

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Good morning everyone,

here's a little food for thought ( I am not including my cancer stuff), I actually had to
think for a while, so that means I need to be more adventurous, slowing down over
here =)

It was right before christmas, I had started dating I guy, a REALLY nice guy, never
thought he'd be my type but the more I got to know him, the more interested I
became. After our 4th date or so... I got diagnosed. I did tell him. Things became
a little weird, and on both sides. Here I barely knew him and he was in shock.

But he stuck around, got me groceries TWICE, even picked me up from the hospital.
Then came the day of my mastectomy and he came to visit, in the hospital, I was
out of it and then to my house. But he couldn't even look at me.... I was glad when
he left, it mad me feel uncomfortable, and then I cried. I took a big step back and
became more of a hermit. But he still stayed in touch via email.

Then finally, when I was starting to feel somewhat like a person again, I confessed
to him that I really liked him...First for me to approach a guy. In the past I guess
I got lucky it was always mutual. I learned his ex had come back into the picture
a couple months ago... my hear broke... First again, that I was refused by someone.
He was the first guys i approached with cancer.

So that was my last first. But now I am planning to consciously create more first
times for myself. How about you?


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Perhaps you meant to post this on the Breast Cancer boards? No matter, keep creating the firsts. Each day is a new day, and I admire your courage.


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I agree with KMPonder everyday is a blessing so we should keep making firsts

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