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The doc said mom has less then one friggin year!!!!

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I hate cancer!

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Cancer sucks.

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Cancer and how doctors put a timestamp on people's lives.

Cancer sucks and causes people so much pain and grief.

Prayers to you.

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Cancer is the common enemy!!!! Death to all cancer types.

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Tina Blondek
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hello and welcome to our caregivers family. We all hate this cancer. I really hate the fact that millions of dollars have been raised for many many years and still no cure? Come on people give us a break, stop taking our money to treat it, give us the cure! If this dr. gives your mom 1 year, take her for a second opinion now. My dad's first opinion gave him 6 mos. His second one said they will treat it and not give him their opinion on how long he will survive. These are statistics. Everyone is different. Dad lived 16 mos, proved them wrong, and passed away when the ec went to his liver. Do not give into this cancer. Take her to a cancer specialist. Keep us posted!
Tina in Va

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I agree with Tina. If she is willing to fight, then take her for a second opinion. There are technologies out there that could give her some quality time. Don't know anything about her case but do know the place that could do the trick and has for many people I know. Prayers to you.

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Doctors don't know everything. Keep fighting, and enjoy your time together.

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