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A reprieve!

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Happy New Year! Feliz año!

Here's the short version after my visit with my oncologist today:

"let's look at the long view re: metastatic disease, balancing quality of life and treating cancer as a chronic disease (which I probably will die from, but no one knows that answer of when)– these nodules are slow growing, and very small; you have no symptoms, are strong, healthy; why change that? Therefore no need to go on chemo right now, so come back in 3 months for a scan and we'll look at it again".......and I'll be looking into stereotactic radiation to zap the buggers next Wednesday when I visit the radiation oncologist in Casper, WY.

Woo! Hooo! more cross country skiing on those brush hogged ski trails is in my winter plan!

Grateful for when life's little blessings appear in abundance.

Grateful to be able to share this news with you all!


..who is continuing with juicing, TCM, weight watchers, IV Vitamin C, Iscador and anthroposophical medicine, weight lifting, meditation and yoga/chi gung, and enjoying the heck out of what I can do right now.

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Dear Leslie,

So very glad that you got such good news! Just in time to enjoy the snow.

Celebrate every day!


Marie who loves kitties

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"..who is continuing with juicing, TCM, weight watchers, IV Vitamin C, Iscador and anthroposophical medicine, weight lifting, meditation and yoga/chi gung, and enjoying the heck out of what I can do right now.".

......With all that activity ,have you got time for skiing ? LOL..
Hugs and enjoy your plans!

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Kerry S
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Leslie Darlin

Yep the power of positive thinking and brush hogging. The two always seem to work for me. See you brush hogged and had to make it to this point to really enjoy it.

The scary old woman and I enjoy riding on our brush hogged trails in the Kubota RTV when the snow is on the ground to see the tracks of all the critters that live on our land.

I am very happy things are looking good for you. You made my day with your post.


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So happy for your good news. Enjoy your wonderful cold winter :) and all of those wonderful activities.
Best of health to you,
Linda and Ellie

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Good news!!! Skiing huh???? Man, I so suck at that.... tried it twice.... never got off the bunny hill.... both times ended up in the lodge and got drunk.... LOL. Take care my friend!!!


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Wow, great news! Congratulations! Keep up the good reports! Jean

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I am really happy for you! Enjoy all your fabulous activities.

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Glad to hear you good news enjoy the breathtaking mountains i'm jelous. I wont be doing any skiing this year. Have a blast!!

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Paula G.
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Sounds like a plan to me. Quality of life....my MS doc and I have had this talk also. It really boils down to this no matter what disease us human's well and animals for that matter have. ENJOY skiing. Paula

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Good for you! It sounds like a plan, lots of skiing and keeping an eye on things. Go out there and enjoy your beautiful countryside.


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Leslie, I'm happy for you and your good news! Take your blessing's and run with them. I miss skiing and am putting that on my to do list next year for sure!! :):):)

Love, hugs, and smiles, Gail

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That really is good news. Save the chemo for now and who knows, you may never need it again. Hopefully, you can RFA those nodes or something, better than chemo. If you need the chemo down the road, well, just deal with it then. For now, enjoy this little bit of good news.

The "chronic disease" speech, been there done that, like it is something people didn't think about long before it comes out of the onc's mouth. Tough to hear but just put it out of your mind and don't dwell on it.

Take care - Tina

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That sounds like a good visit. Glad you are feeling good and have all those exciting winter things to do. Hope you enjoy every moment.


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