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chemo bag

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I am packing my chemo bag for next week and it is pretty full. I have a neck pillow,a book a prayer shawl, a granola bar and some gum. what is in your chemo bag??? What do you do to pass the time??I also pack my ipod too......val

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Take with you some cranberry juice. I read some time ago, cranberry juice help chemo kill more cancer cells. Do not know how much it is truth, but for sure will not hurt. My husband all ways staing with me in chemo room and not give me a minute to be boring or feel bad, he is pensioner. I will start my 3rd line of chemo some where in middle of this month. I hope your chemo will kill all cancer cells in your body. (((HUGS))), Zina.

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If it were not for the reason I was there, I would actually enjoy chemo. It forces you just to sit(or walk to the bathroom) and do whatever you want! I usually get a bunch of magazines, pack a lunch, and take my laptop. My hospital has WiFi, so I can shop online, check the message boards, etc, etc. The time seems to go quickly. Sometimes there are other people to talk to, but I don't find that a lot. Our chemo room seems to be very cold, so I take a throw. They also have warm ones for you. Sometimes the Benedryl makes you sleepy and there are women who seem to sleep the whole time(not me)
My husband drops me off(you are not supposed to drive if you get Benedryl)and picks me up, so I don't even have to do that....
Strangely, it it a very happy place. I'm not sure why. All the nurses are super nice.
Good luck, Ginny

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I took two bags: one for my food, munchies and water and the other with books, magazines, crochet, laptop. I like to have choices to pass the time. Most of the time I just watched: the chemo room is a busy place, (my hospital it is a open room with lounge chairs), lots (sadly) of people. Not many people like to talk but a few treatments I did strike up a conversation. One time a lady talked my ear off!
After the treatment was over I went straight to a cafe and got a latte: Large!

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i took my dvd player and dc to listen to, it helps, also crackers, juice and cheese, water, plus the bible to read
good luck

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I take my iPad (with books on it, so I can surf the 'net or read, or play games), neck pillow, plushy throw and footies, and my cell phone. My husband bought me a deep burgundy, very soft throw before my first chemo and it has made every infusion with me. It's my security blanket. My daughter gave me the neck pillow and a wardrobe of soft socks/footies Christmas of 2009 and I take them to every session, too.

My chemo center has snacks and drinks of all kinds available, and my husband brings me take out for lunch.

The pre-meds usually put me to sleep.


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I have a friend who drives me back and forth and sometimes sits with me through the chemo. I bring my MP3 player loaded with audiobooks so I can sit back and listen/my e-reader/water is definitely in there. My infusion room has snacks and TV and the chemo nurses are so wonderful. Best of luck, Val... we'll be waiting to hear how it went.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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I want to thank all of you for the wonderful idea of the "chemo bag". I made one for my sister-in-law and she loved it!! I told her I couldn't take credit and that I'd received the idea here and that she could find all the info she will need right here. I hope she will read and post in time. In the mean time, thank you all for making me look good and my sister-in-law happy :o)
God Bless each of you,

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Tina Brown
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In my bag goes the following (but not necessarily in order of importance:
~ A good book
~ Food, sandwiches, crisps, shortbread, sausage rolls, chocolate.
~ Codeword
~ IPod
~ Note book to capture my thoughts and feelings for my journal.
~ Magazines forlight reading when my brain is about to explode!

And finally, most importantly

~ A vivid imagination so I can take that romantic holiday in Bali with that special someone. Where we can swim, sunbathe, walk along the sand etc.


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