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Avodart vs. time

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Hello all,

First day here and already my third post. You can count on me to be actively engaged in sharing with you whatever I learn, and I hope you will reciprocate.

This post is about Avodart (Dutasteride, 0.5 mg). The Oncologist that my Urologist referred me to is suggesting Brachytherapy (see implant). My fist and only consultation with him was mid December 2010. He recommends a regimen of Avodart to aid in shrinking prostate and reducing symptoms of BPH. I am already taking Flomax, and it helps a little (less pushing), but has not done much for frequency and urgency.

The Oncologist further suggests this course for at least 3 months before he would engage in the Seed therapy.

I have two questions:

1. Anyone here have experience with Avodart? Any feedback on side effects and benefits? One side effect is enlarge moobs (man boobs). I'm working hard at the gym and making progress to reduce those AND the gut. I don't want something to reverse that progress and make that worse. Any thoughts on this?

2. As I am a stage T2b, I generally have concerns about putting this off three months. I am fortunate that I am at low-to-mid staging and don't want to abuse that blessing by waiting around and allowing the PCa to develop further and raise the staging level. Have any of you had a delay recommendation at a similar stage to mine? Any regrets? Other thoughts?

Meanwhile, the Surgeon, upon giving me the news in November, said that he would not proceed till Mid January at the soonest - in order to minimize post-biopsy inflammation.

Three months of difference in the two points of view.

Have you had similar recommendations and experiences?



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While I haven't had Avodart I would not be too anxious about the time frame. This histology of prostate cancer is about 55 years. In other words, it's been growing in your body for many years and a few months, give or take, is not likely to make that much difference.

I've read your other posts and understand your pathology and while I think you should proceed with deliberation I wouldn't allow myself to be rushed into a treatment until you have fully investigated the alternatives appropriate for your individual cancer, understand the pros and cons of each treatment, and make a fully informed choice based on your personal priorities and quality of life expectations following treatment.

Certainly surgery and bathytherapy are viable options. There are others as well and it will take a few months to schedule consultations with specialists and do the requisite research to be an informed patient.

I would suggest that you take a few hours and read three or four back pages of this forum to look at various options as well as add Dr. Walsh's guide to prostate cancer, Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers, and other such books to your library.

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Dear Kongo,

Thank you for the lucid and calm advice. It is much appreciated. I will sleep better tonight because of your contribution.

Thank you!


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