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If you have a high insurance deductible -

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there may be help out there. I just received a call from our infusion center. Rep. from Avastin was in their office. Avastin people are starting a program to help those with a high insurance deductible. Combined income of $90,000 or less. Program will help with deductible up to $4,000 per year. Since George gets Avastin if we qualify, she will start the paperwork.

So far, thats all I know. I called George to give the infusion center a call to discuss this further. If I get any more info I will post it. If you fall into the above category it may be worth it to investigate and save yourself some pretty good money. I have not checked the Avastin website so I don't know if anything is posted there.

Hopefully this will help some on the board, I sure hope so. Kinda sounds too good to be true but since the info came from the infusion center I figured I would post about it.

Take care - Tina

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Yes, they have it on their website, with the rules for eligibility.
Thanks for posting about it Tina.
Winter Marie

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