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It is official

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My father is still in remission from his bladder cancer, but the doctors still do not know why he has blood in his urine bag. They checked his organs and they are clear. By the way, I skipped worked today. After my moms last chemo I have been sleeping a lot and just really tired. Anyone else feel like this. I feel like my body is crashing. She gets her port out next week. She is getting ready to fight the stalker wit a change in diet.

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Try to get some rest.

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Yeah for Dad!!!!

Now....you rest.....

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You've had alot of stress with your mom and your dad both fighting cancer. So it's time for you to be tired and you should rest when you get the chance. Don't want you getting sick do we? Maybe your dad has an infection that's why there's blood in his bag, but suppose they checked that. Tell your mom to keep fighting! Remember try and rest a little okay?
Take care! "Carole"

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Every time I get home from a caregiver stint, the next day I start yawning and can't stop. It just hits me that I'm really tired, so I drag around and don't do much for a couple of days. I'm glad it's not just me.

Heading back into the cage tomorrow. Mom got her last chemo (for recurrance) today. Treatment is officially over. Whew. Next month it will be two years of long distance caregiver commuting.

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Try 9:00 bed time, no computer, just a good book and a silent house. I'm glad your dads tests came back clear, but you've been spread thin for a long time now. Get some rest!

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I have been sleeping like it's going out of style. No matter how much I sleep, I am still tired. Stress does that. We've been going to bed early, like 9pm, and listening to some classical music to help us sleep. And on the days we don't have to get up early, we don't.

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All I want to do is get in bed and not get out. If this is what exhaustion is I hope I never geel it again for a long time.

I prescribe power naps if you can't get to bed super early. And throw your alarm clock out.

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Hey, get to bed and sleep as much as you can. You owe it to yourself.

So getting this tired isn't from getting older.

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