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Post Whipple and lots of pain

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My husband had the Whipple 3 years ago. To this day he still has bad pain. The doctors say the majority of his pain is from the surgery. (the cancer is back but when he was in remission he still had pain) If he bends, twists, stretches, the pain is really bad-like it is taking his breath away. .he even says it hurts to take a shower? He has tried all kinds of procedures to lessen the pain and nothing has helped.. They have even switched up the meds and sometimes they help and sometimes they don't. Has anyone or is anyone experiencing this and what did your doctor do ?

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You might want to try a Pain Pump Implant, my boss was in pain for years and he did it and returned to work pain free, it is worth looking into

Intrathecal Pump Implant:

Hope you get help for the pain

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After the Whipple's procedure I went through agonizing pain (10/10). The pain team used every medication they had. Nothing helped. After a few days I was determined to minimize the pain myself. I've used relaxation and meditation techniques and worked hard on my sub-conscious level. The pain wasn't physical because of all the painkillers (17 diff. types) I was on. It was more of mental (brain-nerves were not "communicating") pain. The pain dropped from 10/10 to 2/10 in matter of days.

No pain now. This is my 7th week post op. No painkillers whatsoever.

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