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its been one and half month since my thyroidtomy still i feel some sensation!!!! is it normal?

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I was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma in November. Had full thyroidtomy on 19th November and my RAI on 21st Decmeber. And my scan came out clean. I am doing pretty well. Already back to normal life and will join my work next week. I have started taking my hormone pills from 26th December I have some question. Just wanna know if its normal or not.

I don’t have any pain in my surgery area but if I touch the surgery area I feel weird sensation there. Which is not pain and I cant exactly explain what I feel. Is it normal to feel any pain 1 and half month after the surgery.

I am heaving a lot of small pimples on my neck and sideburn. Are these going to be permanent? Or when the hormone will be totally balanced they will go away?

My doctor didn’t gave any restriction regarding eating. I was wondering Is there any particular food that I should avoid?

I have 2 puppies. I have to take care of them continuously. Is it gonna harm me Since I just got cured?
Please help.

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in my situation it was a over 2 months before they took my thyroid once finding i had a problem. during that time i got severly depressed.. so within a week after the first lobectomy thyroid surgery i was feeling great. till i found out it was definatly cancer then after the 2nd surgery about 2 weeks after and i was again feeling great.

never had any pimples or such so i do not know...

did he put you on the Low Iodine diet or just a restriction of some foods???

if you are going through radiation treatment someone else will need to take care of the puppies during that time (probably about 1 month of time you shouldnt be near them)

please keep in touch and i wish you luck.. please keep us informed

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Well i am done with all my treatment. doc said i am completely ok now and i just need to go for check ups every 6 months to see if it has come back or not.

And my doc didnt give any restriction on food now. since my radio active iodine treatment is done and the scanning came out totally clean so i am having pretty much normal life.

I was in Low iodine diet before the RAI. now havign normal food. apart from the Pimples i have no other problem.

thanks a lot for your reply dear.

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