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Buddy system for new members

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I know Kathy, Nana B and Lor have worked on a buddy system, and I like to give a big shout out to my bud Chris. :-) I'm just wondering should we do something similar for new members? New members pairing up, or an experienced member pairing up with a new member, like a mentor?

Just thinking so many new members, and some may be lurking, if they could get into something like this it would help and encourage them even more instead of feeling alone.

I dont know I might just be talking silly, but been thinking about this. If I am talking silly please ignore me. lol

Hugs to all


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Nana b
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This is a great idea. Too bad this site doesn't have an area where you can keep notes, to keep a rolling log of who was that last appointed buddy. It would be easier to manage, or an intro message like. If you are a newcomer to this site, please ask for a buddy and one will come forward or be appointed to you, at your request. Thoughts?

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Good idea Buddy! :):)


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Hey Buddy, I was just thinking about you today and wondering what those CEA results were?



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