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New Caregiver

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I am really new to posting on a discussion board. I think I did this once or twice in college so I don't know if this will even be read. My Husband was diagnosed last Wednesday with cancer. We still don't know exactly how bad it is. He is very shocked and needless to say so am I. 38 seems kind of young for colorectal cancer. We actually thought it was an apendicitis. I wish it was.

Right now I just have no idea what to do. That has to be the greatest understatement of the year. Anyway, thats all.

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That's why I went to the ER, thought it was appendicitis turned out to be stage IV colon cancer. Thank goodness it was diagnosed. Next you will be meeting right away with your oncologist, (please let me know you have an appointment with one right now) he will do further tests if necessary (usually is, if you were at ER only)then will stage the cancer, so that you will know what you are dealing with.
It seems to take forever at first to attack this cancer either with chemos, radiation or surgeries, and to know which is going to happen, but all you can do it seems at first is a bit of crying, screaming, hollering, praying, sometimes cursing, a bit of breaking down, and then it's time to take that deep breath and start the attack plan with your oncologist against this disease.
My pain near the appendix area, turned out it was a tumor wrapped around my ureter (was just surgically removed on December 20th).
38 is very, very young, but he will be able to deal with the chemo, surgeries, and anything else a bit better then a few of us oldsters here (I'm 51), and we're dealing with it pretty good.
We're here for you, any questions, ask away. You both are in my thoughts.
Winter Marie

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Yes your post is being read. You should know that you have come to a very good place for information from those experiencing the same disease and for support when you feel you want and need it.

If you don't have an appointment with an oncologist, get one ASAP to get the process started. If you need help with what to ask at that appointment, just let us know and am sure folks will offer suggestions. It is a daunting task at the beginning, but know that here we will help all we can to support you and your husband in the fight.

Please keep posting and let us know how things are going.

Marie who loves kitties

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My Prayers are going out to you and your husband. Any time you hear the word cancer it's a shock and it takes time to digest. There are alot of survivors on this site from stage 1-4 so there is plenty of hope, encouragment and most of all love. Hang in there fight the fight we are all here for you. Keep posting your questions and let us know how we can help.

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My husband, Jimmy, was dx with stage IV colon cancer on 5/10/10. He had a cancerous polyp removed 5 yrs ago and we're not sure if it was completely resected or if it reseeded, but the tumor is outside of the colon with 1 lesion on the liver. Surgery is not an option at this time as the tumor is too close to the super mesentaric artery of the abdomen. He was put on Folfox in July 2010. The CT in Oct showed a decrease in the liver mass but the tumor grew slightly so he was put on Avastin. His last CT in Dec showed no change in either tumor. We went to Sloan last week for a second opinion but they said everything is being done correctly.
Jimmy's sister died of melanoma in April when we came back from her funeral he experienced some abdominal cramping. We went to an urgentcare and they order a ct at my request. I was the ct tech who did the exam and found the met to the liver and tumor by his pancreas. Thank God it is not pancreatic.
you will go through many emotions, at first I could not confront the disease at all, because being in healthcare I knew what we were facing and how serious it was. I wouldn't even look at another test or read a report. My whole demeaner changed and I wasn't the same person anymore, although Jimmy was taking everything in stride. Then one day I said the prayer to St. Michael the archangel and I asked him to help me fight this terrible monster that was taking over my husbands body and I wasn't going to let this disease ruin nor control my life. I do look at his ct's etc and read the reports and I am no longer afraid of this cancer. I put my trust in God and pray that he will direct us to proper treatment, and healing.

God Bless you and your husband and stay in touch with this forum, it is very informative and inspirational.


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Welcome to this forum; here you will definitely be read, supported etc. I am sorry for your husband's diagnosis. You are right; he is young but we have other young ones on this board. I hope you will find this forum helpful on your journey.

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Kerry S
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I am glad you found us. I will say it would be better if your husband would also post. Let us know what city and state you are located at. I am sure others will tell you the best docs in your area. Yes your husband is young compared to a lot of us old folks. But that is in his favor as he is a lot stronger then an old 67 year old like me. I am a stage 4. I feel like I am winning the battle. There is nothing you can’t ask about here. Hell we will talk about anything from crap to sex. The biggest thing is to keep a good positive attitude. Be ready to fight like hell. It will be hard on both of you, but if an old guy like me can do it, you sure as hell can.


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Welcome to the Board and so sorry about your husband's diagnosis. That initial shock is just that -- shocking, unnerving, putting emotions and thoughts in a whirlwind. Just know that we are here for you and your husband.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband!

Cancer is a weird disease. I was seemingly healthy and then went in for a stomach ache. I was rushed to emergency surgery and found out I had cancer and not appendix issues. I was 44 healthy and run 2 companies. I still could run my friends into the ground on hilly runs.

Keep a good attitude, ask a lot of questions! Read everything you can find on his disease so you can ask good questions. Studies before 2007 are not as relevant as more current studies. The last 3 years have had a lot of great developments in cancer medicine.

Best Always! mike

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Welcome! There is also a board for caregivers. My mom has diagnosed in May and I usually go back and forth between that board for information. There is also good information on the Emotional support board.

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I'm so glad you have found us, I'm sorry about your husband. Please continue to post any questions you may have or if you feel you need to talk, we are all in this together.


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Welcome to our board. My hubby was diagnosed, Stage IV, March, 09. In the next few weeks you will probably be getting scans, blood tests, meet with a surgeon and oncologist and radiation oncologist if radiation is done first depending upon where the cancer is. If there is any doctor that you are not comfortable with, seek an opinion from someone else. That being said keep in mind it is the doctor's skill you are seeking. Your primary doctor can be of assistance in this area pointing you in the right direction and offering referrals if needed. If surgery is indicaed first, make sure it is a board certified colorectal surgeon. If chemo is indicated, out of the gate, the treatment will most likely be the same wherever you go. I found that George's chemo treatment would have been the same whether he was in Texas or here in Michigan. Once you have your staging and treatment plan, come back here with what you are told and the board can give you their experiences. If the cancer is in the colon it is treated a bit differently than rectal but the chemo drugs will be the same.

Take care and take a deep breath - Tina

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Hi Sacushing1, I was diagnosed in June 2010 and I know how you feel. I still can't believe sometimes it was me. I am 46 and thought I was the epitome of health and happiness. Hmm. If you click on our names it will take you to our profile's and you will be able to read our own stories. You will be amazed at how not alone you are. For myself, there was no pain but bleeding and I was praying for so many other thing's. Ulcerative colitis, bleeding ulcer, hemmorhoid's......anything but what my heart was telling me what it was. (not that anyone want's those problem's, but personally I would take them over the ca)

Ok, take care and we will be here for you and your hubby


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Thank you all so much for your information and encouragement. One of the things we have going for us here is that my husband is a physician himself, though this is both a good and bad thing right now. Seems everyone is so very willing to help give him the details and move him through quick-this helps him understand what is going on better but-he gets a little more stressed out I think by all of it. He is a neurologist, so he deals with headaches and strokes and dementia-oncology is an unknown entity to him.

We have found out that there is some history in his family of a virulent BRAC 2 gene that may have a specific connection to the disease. All this stuff was so newly learned though that it didn’t do much to help him with early detection.
Still it seems like I have so much information and no real idea what it will be like for him-what I will need to be prepared for-what will need to be done in advance of the treatment or for the treatment.
Again, thanks for the encouragement. It is appreciated.

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I am an RN and I know of other nurses on here and I bet there are some Doctor's too. Since my diagnosis and treatments, I have learned there is a big difference in what you think you know and in what you know! :) :) :) Okay....time for me to go to chemo.....

Take care, Gail

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