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Stats on the one left

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I had my Rt. nephrectomy Dec 17th. Renal Cell Carcinoma, Clear Cell Type, Fuhrman Grad 2.
Pathology reports says all contained within the kidney. So it looks like an early catch but was told that there are cases the kidney left could go the same way, which is why the Dr. will monitor it at 6 month intervals. Just curious if anyone knew the % that happens?

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I do not know the Answer, but this is what my Doctor told me and I posted a few days ago:

I tried to find information online to answer your question, but could not. I am 8 1/2 years post surgery and my doctor advises that having had Kidney Cancer the risk for Kidney Cancer in the other Kidney is about 2% which is higher than the general public, but still very low. Of course at my age (67 1/2) I have a 2% risk of a lot of other things happening as well.

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my mom jst got diagnosed with stage 1 rcc in rt kidney nephrectomy scheduled at mayo jan 10 hers was a 5cm tumor encased in a 8cm cyst on the outside of right portion of horseshoe kidney (kidneys are fused forming one larg mass rather than 2 individual organs) she will have the right portion removed... im told by other ppl on here that the odds are good for someone in your position... 90-95% survival rate... at my moms age of 59 she has more of a chance of dying of any other cause at this stage... this is a percentage for the 5-10 year period... after that with no recurrance of cancer your in remission... anywho... you should be good as long as you get your cts on time and your doctors are on top of your treatment... good luck... ill be back to update following surgery next week...

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