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Looking for a way to give back? Check out this page on ACSCAN/CSN.....

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I am a member of a group in ACS called the Cancer Action Network.

Every so often, when there is a piece of legislation ACS is interested in that is up for a vote, I receive an e-mail that alerts me of it, and asks me to send a message to my representatives in the government as to how I feel. Included is a form that I can then modify, and send off to my congressman or senators...Believe it or not, it DOES make a difference!!!!

Check it out, if you want:


It's still within the safety of the American Cancer Society.

Hugs, Kathi

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My local Relay For Life committee is really making a big effort this to get lots of members signed up with this. It's a very important part of what the American Cancer Society does.


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Thank you and your relay!

I donated 2 years of my life to the next step...Legislative Ambassador for California...went to Washington DC...but it is more of a commitment, but definately something for me to help me 'give back'.

Teehee...when I would face a Senator that was trying to brush me off...I would say, in a quiet voice..."You know, my stage III colon cancer had no symptoms. Until I bled a bit, and then was told I had 6 months to live!"....sort of a show-stopper line!!! LOL!

Hugs, Kathi

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I was stage 3 as well, but never told I had a certain time. Awww can't believe you were told that, but you being the tough and loving lady that you are, you are still here, like all of us your a fighter.


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