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A new test can help detect cancer quicker.

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some good news to us cancer patients and future people who come down with cancer. News comes from yahoo. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_med_cancer_blood_test

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I hope this can replace all the PET and MRI’s I have to do ever year as MD Anderson is one of the 4 starting to use it this year.

Thanks for the info

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Well I have to get PET scans every 6-8 months for the next 3 years what my chemo doctor said and I hope this test replaces the PET scans and MRI's.

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This was on the news today here in Lafayette LA, what a great thing for people with cancer, instead of waiting months for a PET or MRI they can do blood work and see if the Cancer is still there or not.

I would sure prefer it over a PET or MRI

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Thanks for posting can't wait to read the article.

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Is it possible they can get too good at finding this stuff? Would you always rather know?

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It was on the new's here today! Of course they are being reserved about it. We definitly
could use it here as we have no Pet/Ct scan's available. My Dr has authoriized me to
go to Montreal to a private clinic at my cost. $2400 but well worth it as it is not covered
by OHIP or private insurance. It would definitly help us Northerner's out.

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I heard Massachussets General is taking the lead and the facility I am being treated at is one of the four. Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes Jewish Medical Center, Washington University in St. Louis School of medicine.

Has anyone hear the same???


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