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radical prosectomey jan4 2011

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I will be going in tomorrow radical prosectomey lymph nodes seminal vessels , and havent spoke to anyone who has had this surgery

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My Radical Prostectomy was Dec 20, 2010. The surgery was successfull and my recovery is going great. Contact me if you want to talk to someone about it.

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thank you I have 3+4 gleson score psa , 12.6 my 5th son is matt 3 in collage ,

they are my concern , mostly and am waiting on the phone call for surgery time ,in new york sloan kettering

thanks for the response ,

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Does anyone know how quickly moderately aggressive prostate cancer can spread. we can't find a surgeon to do my husbands surgery until Feb 16, they are all booked up. He was diagnosed in October 2010. It just seems like such a long time to let things grow.

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You will do great. There are many on the forum including myself that have been done the road before you and willing to answer any specific questions you might have.
Let us know.


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thakyou I appreciate the support found this sight this morning while waiting on hospital to call with surgery time

thanks am ready to go

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I am 48 years old and had a 3+3 Cleason and 12.4 PSA. I little on what to expect. After surgery you will have a Catheter for 10 to 14 days. I did not have alot of pain and was released from the hospital the next day. Try to stay relaxed and drink plenty of fluids before and after surgery. Each day will be better than the day before. Stay positive and keep your sense of humor. Good Luck we are all pulling for you.

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Thanks , I am 47 thanks for the heads up , as far as a sense of humor, we bought a composition hard cover notebook to bring back and forth to dr visits , while sitting in sloan , the day of my biopsy we noticed the brand name of the note book, FLOMO, we had a good laugh

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Best of luck with your surgery tomorrow. I just read the study pasted in this thread which was posted on Urotoday.com and tracked the surgical outcomes of 11 surgeons at Sloan Kettering. Hopefully, you've got one of the good ones lined up.

Let us know how everything works out.


Monday, 03 January 2011
Department of Surgery and Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY, USA.

Previous studies have shown that complications and biochemical recurrence rates after radical prostatectomy (RP) vary between different surgeons to a greater extent than might be expected by chance. Data on urinary and erectile outcomes, however, are lacking.

In this study, we examined whether between-surgeon variation, known as heterogeneity, exists for urinary and erectile outcomes after RP.

Our study consisted of 1910 RP patients who were treated by 1 of 11 surgeons between January 1999 and July 2007.

All patients underwent RP at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Patients were evaluated for functional outcome 1 yr after surgery. Multivariable random effects models were used to evaluate the heterogeneity in erectile or urinary outcome between surgeons, after adjustment for case mix (age, prostate-specific antigen, pathologic stage and grade, comorbidities) and year of surgery.

We found significant heterogeneity in functional outcomes after RP (p<0.001 for both urinary and erectile function). Four surgeons had adjusted rates of full continence <75%, whereas three had rates >85%. For erectile function, two surgeons in our series had adjusted rates <20%; another two had rates >45%. We found some evidence suggesting that surgeons' erectile and urinary outcomes were correlated. Contrary to the hypothesis that surgeons "trade off" functional outcomes and cancer control, better rates of functional preservation were associated with lower biochemical recurrence rates.

A patient's likelihood of recovering erectile and urinary function may differ depending on which of two surgeons performs his RP. Functional preservation does not appear to come at the expense of cancer control; rather, both are related to surgical quality.

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Yes it is all in the hands of the surgeon! Good post and that is why I flew to Chicago to have Catalona do mine...Again, good post

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Thank you ,
my name is Joe, matt is my 5 th son and i called him mattman as a,nickname so mattmans5 as a username.
Dr james Eastham performed the surgery , I selected him for an open rp, after reading abour pros and cons of both , I did have some concerns feeling most men seem to be leaning toward robotic due to less scar and quicker recovery , My recovery was a little difficult I had a lot pf pain when the insision drainage tube was removed , It was located at that site and required an extra night stay , It was difficult to walk , and then , constipaption , finally after 7 days , and much better , there is pain at my penius sharp after a bowel movement for 3,4 minutes but that is nothing compared to cramps.

The surgeon said it went well that there was no surprises it was confined to the left side as they had thought he also removed one nerve on the left sode and lymph nodes on both and said he did not feel or see any other signs that it had spread , and that in two weeks reporet from pathology will tell more ,

I am greatful for all the staff who cared for me at Memorial Sloan Kettering , and Dr Eastham , I will have my catherer out on jan 17 and am now a part of brotherhood , thank you for the support , joe

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I was unable to find the study you posted is there a way that you can expain my email



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I recieved a copy of my pathology report today

gleason 7 3+4
tumor location involves right posterior
involves right anterior
involves left posterior
involves left anterior

vesculor invasion not identified
perineural invasion not identified
tumor multicentricity multicentric foci of invasive carcinoma are present
high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia

capsule : focal extracapsular extension
the location of the extracapsular extension is left posterior base

seminal vessals: not involved

bladder neck: not involved
surgical margins : free of tumor
non- neoplastic prostste : unremarkable
staging pt3a ( extracapsular extension )

lymph notes left pelvic

benign lymph nodes
number of lymph nodes examined 5

lymph nodes right pelvic
benign lymph nodes
number of lymph nodes examined 11 I was given a copy when catherer was removed
by nurse who went over report , but I dident ask questions , does anyone know what extracapsular extension means

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to you, pal

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Thank you

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had a radical done sept. 29, 2003. my catheter was in for 22 days. other than that i did fine. you will find out how bad your incontinence is within the months to come. mine is not bad. it's liveable. hey, i'm still alive and feeling good.

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thank you for the support ,

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I see you had radical Sept. 2003 and still have incontinence. I had radical Mar. 2009 and still have incontinence. My condition is better, wear Hanes briefs (was wearing diaper) with Poise pad and use average of 4-5 pads per day. What is the extent of your incontinence?

I only drink decaffeinated coffee and soft drinks and practice kegels daily and it helps.
Like you say, I'm alive which is the path I chose, Quantity of Life, after discussing my options with urologist. My PSA was 22, Gleason 7.


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