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new blood test

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Have u heard ofthe new blood test for cancer? Does anybody know if its different from a CEA test?I tried linking the site.. but couldn't.. just google new blood test for cancer

Thanks lisa

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Blood test to spot cancer gets big boost from J&J

Different than CEA test, article doesn't mention if detection of cancer cell in itself indicates nature of cancer detected;much quicker results than scans.Cancer cells in blood indicate cancer has spread or is about to.MSK is one of the facilities involved in assessing this procedure....steve

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I heard it on the Canadian news this morning but I am not clear as to the nature of the test


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Kerry S
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I heard this on FOX news this morning. The Fox news doc said it is a major breakthrough. A good example would be my brain tumor. If it is mets from the colon they could tell from this test. As they can’t get to it for a biopsy this would do the job for me. They can also tell if a chemo mix is working or not on the type cancer you have.

Kerry (I would let them play with me with this)

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