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My oncologist called me today (yea on A Sunday)

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My oncologist called me today (yea on A Sunday) and hearing his voice my stomach dropped to the floor…..Needless to say he scared the $%$@*&$^ out of me just hearing his voice!

He told me he was in his office doing some catch up and wanted to tell me I had another ZERO and to keep eating my “Sardines” but to make sure I had a big steak and some scotch to celebrate…I think he actually beginning to believe in my diet but time will tell…

So I will enjoy life and not think of this ugly beast for about another 90 days...

Best to all of us in our jouney with this beast

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Congratulations on the results. Just keep those Zeros coming even if they stink of sardines.
I wish you a continuous success.


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Great news!! Best wishes for many more zeroes. My doctor called me once on a Saturday for a rotuine chat so I know EXACTLY how the mind goes through all possible scenarios even before you hear a word. Glad it turned out to be good news.

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Are you buying the steaks and scotch for all of to celebrate with you?


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Larry, Afraid not I might have to many takers...lol Trust all is going well with you and family....

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Congratulations on your Zero!


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Hey BD,

I'm new here, but already I know enough to know that one someone posts good news, we all need to celebrate. Congrats and many, many more zeros.

So what's with this sardine diet. I've been working hard on lifestyle changes for about 8 months now, before I knew of the PCa. Lost 30lbs, going to the gym, dropped 3-4 points on the waste. Food wise, here's what I'm doing:

- Eliminated all dairy (turns out I'm also lactose intolerant, so double points there)
- Reduced red meat to celebratory occasions
- Eliminated all white foods: sugar, bread, potatoes, pasta, etc.
- Eliminated most forms of processed flower
- Eliminated all forms of yeast: breads, beer, vinegar
- No more hot sauces (acid reflux)

+ Water, green tea
+ Fresh fruit, veggies
+ Soy and Almond milk and Yogurts vs. dairy versions
+ Protein from Fish, Fowl, Soy, Nuts, Eggs
+ High concentration of all the berries and related "high color, high antioxidant" foods
+ Good carbs: brown rice, oats, beans, sweet potatoes, starchy veggies
+ Olive oil almost exclusively
+ Multivitamins for 50+

So, now tell me about Sardines.

And congrats again!


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The sardines are kind of a joke but I only eat sockeye salmon (fresh, frozen or in the can) or sardines in olive oil in the can …these are the 2 purest fish in the world….but the rest of your diet is excellent…I believe we control 2 things in this fight and that is diet and exercise…Best to you in your journey

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Congratulations BD on your zero, may you have many more and maintain your membership in the Zero Club. I had my last follow up with my uro in September and I am still getting the zero (0.008 ever since July 23, 2009). Yes, we can control diet and exercise in this fight against the cancer beast.


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