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Radiation Risk Calculator

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Do not know the “accuracy” of this calculator (consider the source) but it does give me an idea right now but I am looking further into this CT question of mine…

Best to all

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Here it is, again, another interesting post with lots of meaning to the PCa community. Though, radiation is bad and can kill us, we cannot live without it, but we can carefully balance its prejudice by simple avoiding exposure as far as we can, and, if unavoidable, by protecting our cells (body tissues) recovery with the proper tools (nutrients and balanced medicines).

Thanks for the post.

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My doctor told me there is a lag time between 35-55 years with radiation from Ct scans. It is true we can not live without it,balance is important along with proper nutrition. Tell your doctor about your concerns. Ct scans are incredible useful tool. The benefits outweigh the risk. I think if you were to have CT scans once a month for a couple of years then you may have a worry.

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Thanks for sharing. Will check it out. Have you tried the treatment calculator here on CSN? I just did and it produced a long list of Therapy options, along with a nice profile of current state and staging useful for sharing with Doctors and for second opinion.

Try it!


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