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I will alway miss you Momma!

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My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was young but she promised that she wouldn't leave until she saw her boys grow up. The breast cancer went into remission for years. It came back with a vengance and on December 17, 1987 I watched the life go from her eyes. My poor Dad left the hospital briefly but planned to stay the night. My Mom left us before he could get back. I didn't want anyone to see the emptiness in her eyes so I closed them for her. The family was under grief allready due to Grandma's death on December 3rd(Dad's mom). Mom kept her promise that she would stay until us boys were grown. I was 19 my brother was 23 when she left. I still felt like a little boy though when she left. As hard as it was watching her leave and the emotions it brings I am glad I was with her. I have a hard time with the holidays even after 23 years. I find giving to others helps as she did. This year has been more emotional for me than ever watching my Dad's health deplete with diabeties and life's wear. Dad said to someone last year "I lost my best friend 22 years ago." The love my Dad still has for my Mom and the love she had for him I have with my wife. I have been with her for 20 years and she has helped me through the years with my grief.
I know Momma you had something to do with finding someone to be there when the grief hits and the stability in my life.

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that was so sweet! I'm so happy for you that you had your mom with you while you grew up. One of my greatest fears is not being here to watch my youngest grow up!!!

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I thank you for your response and I will pray for your recovery and a long healthy life with your family.

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