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Neck Dissection and bilateral paratrachael

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I am 15 days post-op from a Neck dissection and bilateral paratracheal where they removed cancerous lymph nodes. I feel like I've been in a horrific accident and my shoulder and neck feel like they are constricting and becoming so tight. Just scared me. Wanted to see what I could expect in this long process/recovery.
I feel like I literally have a golf ball siting on my shoulder about 2 inches from where the incision is.

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Hi langdonr33,

I had a neck dissection in June of 2010. I have a lot of nerve pain in my neck, half of my cheek, chest, ear and shoulder on the right side where my surgery was. It felt like pins and needles and was so painful and annoying. My nerves are still a little sensitive but I am starting to heal. I have some numbness in my neck under my chin but the sensations are starting to come back. It is kind of weird though, when I scratch the side of my jaw I can feel it in my neck like my nerves were rewired.

I do regular massage to help increase the blood flow to the area which promotes healing. Using Ibuprofen (Motrin-brand name)(if you are able to take it-check with your doctor) will help thin your blood a little and that will also promote better circulation and ease some of the pain, constriction and inflammation. My husband does the massage for me so that I can relax. If you have a spouse or partner ask for help with this.

I know this is frustrating and really annoying but it will get better with time, just be patient. I started noticing a great deal of relief about five months after the dissection. I wish you the best of luck in your healing process. My prayers are with you too.

God Bless,

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