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Really Good New Year's Eve

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I feel guilty about posting this, as I know that others are going through dark times. However, I remember reading similar posts when we were smack dab in the middle of the valley of the shadow of death, and (while I was envious) it helped me believe I would see good days again:

New Year's Eve!

All three children had sleepover parties (elsewhere) and we were able to tell them to go ahead and have fun. No worries (other than "normal" worries - make sure the basement doors can be unlocked from the inside and you don't use ANY candles and call me if anyone drinks and passes out).

We got to plan our own dinner. Doug said he'd like to try eating a steak. OK - we split a nice, tender rib-eye (on sale, yay!) and he could actually chew and swallow it. He didn't taste it so much, but still. He also was able to eat a bit of salad and hashed browns. Wow.

We were celebrating the fact that he'd gained 10 lbs since his big weight loss - he had said he'd make 150 lbs by the end of the year, and he really did it.

We watched an old movie and went to bed just before midnight. We didn't really care about watching Dick Clark. We heard fireworks outside and knew it was midnight but didn't care about that too much, as we'd made our own fireworks and we felt wonderful. (Sorry if that's TMI, but I know that one big fear in the beginning was that we'd never do fireworks again. Then I was afraid I'd lose him and fireworks were not important. So now, I cherish them even more than ever.)

Anyone who read some of my other posts know that I had some dark days indeed (did I REALLY write that bit about the knife?). I also know that those days might come back.

But, for now: the days are getting longer and the sun is in the sky a few minutes more each day. Every day, every hour and every minute is precious. We have very low bank balances and very high debt but I feel very rich and very lucky right now.

My only wish is that I could share the wealth. Happy New Year everyone.

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DrMary, I have only corresponded a few times with you (and only recently), but I am very happy for you and Doug. For anyone who has made it to the point you two have, I think anyone on this site would only say CONGRATULATIONS and we hope for continued success. I hope that some day I can post a similar message (and I hope that everyone else here can do the same). Happy New Year!

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Just wanted to let you know that I'm so glad you made "fireworks" last night. Are you going to have a grand finale"?? I lost my hubby in March and missed him alot last night. But I'm also glad that 2010 is over cause maybe 2011 will be a better year. Enjoy your hubby while you can and never stop telling him you love him. Although mine had only been diagnosed in January, I never thought he would have such a horrible death. But anyhow, good luck to you and hope this is a great year for both of you. "Carole"

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As much as I check and post here daily, I sometimes feel very overwhelmed at the wealth of bad news, sad stories, and despair filled days of my csn buddies.

Reading about your wonderful New Years Eve gives me hope. No fireworks here for about 9 months now--so glad you were able to let us know that there can be normal life after cancer!

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Sounds like you had a wonderful NYE. We had fireworks also.

I prefer the term "happy meal" myself :)

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Enjoy your time with your husband.

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You shouldn't feel guilty--I think we all like to hear good news from one another; no matter how big or how small the moments are, they are precious. We had a good new year's eve too, my boyfriend was having some stomach issues but he was able to drink some champagne and eat some of the dinner I cooked. He got a little tipsy and it was so nice to hear him sound lighthearted. We watched Toy Story 3, laughed out loud, and went to bed at 11. You are right--the dark days might come back, but we will have the good ones to remember too.

Thanks for sharing.


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