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Really worried about Sundanceh and C Dixon!

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What can we do? does any body have their phone number?Can any body give them a call?.

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Do you still keep any contact with Craig?

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I have spoke to Craig briefly via text and recently spoke to Kim, his wife, on Facebook. Craig is just in need of a break and building himself back up after quite an ordeal with treatment. I will call him now just to make sure. Thanks Pepe.


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I PM's with Craig about week ago. The surgery and chemo has him hurting pretty bad and he is trying to build his strength up. Recouperation his been rough but he was coming along. Maybe Jennie can call him and pass along some info.

Take care - Tina

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I sent Craig a PM because I've been missing him on the board. Haven't gotten a reply yet, but it's just been a couple days.
Please pass on any info you might get, Jennie (or anyone)!
If I get a reply to my PM, I'll let you all know too, if he hasn't responded here by that point in time.

Hugs to all,

C Dixon
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I am here. I'm not feeling that great but have been busy with the holidays. My ascites are getting better and a recent ct scan was good. I am losing weight and am trying to push the protein. My doc is going to reduce the oxi and xeloda for the next round and I'm going back up to duke to meet with the surgeon. Thank you for thinking of me. Hoe are you doing?


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I was worried about you as in your last post from quite a few days ago you where complaining about your ascites!So I see things are going better with that issue so now much more calm about you! hahaha!. I think I'm doing well as no news good news! Just an small ulcer as side effect from my radio but nothing important and no other side effects,Thanks God!.Now one month holidays waiting for Scan and pet!.
Hugs my dear and keep posting!

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Hey All............ Just wanted to let you know that Craig sent me a text a few hours ago. He just said he is sick and tired and had to do another infusion today. Dang...he can't seem to catch his breath before having to endure more. CRAIG..... there IS light at the end of the tunnel and you are almost thru..... hang on my friend.... sending you good vibes to help you thru!!!!! Miss ya!


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for passing on the news about Craig. Craig, may you find the respite and strength to keep on going one step at at time.

lots of love to you Jennie and to you Craig.


Fight for my love
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Thanks,Jen.Craig is in my prayers everyday,I hope he can get through it.Hang on there,my buddy.

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Craig, I am sorry you are sick + tired.

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Hope he recovers very soon! we miss him!

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So Sorry . Thinking of you and praying everything will turn out good soon.

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Thanks for checking in. I am glad your ascites are getting better.

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Thanks for the update Catherine. Glad that you are doing a little better and scan came out good. That oxy can be so hard on you. Hopefully by them reducing it, you will feel a little better. Thanks for the update.


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Prayers and love to both of them!


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Thinking about you Craig and I hope your symptom's ease up on you soon. Glad to hear from Catherine also.

Take care, Gail

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How DARE it threaten my family!!!!!

Craig, my dear southern gentleman cowboy, I am sending my biggest, warmest hugs to you!

Catherine...I am so glad you are feeling better!

Jennie....thank you, dear soul, for playing messenger...I always worry about you all when I don't hear from you(my kids!).

Hugs, Kathi

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Keeping all of you in my Prayers. God Bless. Margaret

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Craig and Catherine-

Sending the warmth and positive vibes from all the Semi colons.

don't feel pressured to post here, your angels can keep us in the loop.



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Thinking of you and saying a prayer.

(good to see your post Peggy...been watching for you too)

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So sorry Craig that you aren't feeling well. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping that you get to feeling better soon. Take care of yourself first, then when you are up to it, come back and let us know how you are feeling.


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sending positive energy you guys so u can gain strength and feel better..

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I am sending lots of love and hugs to you both. Wish I could take away the pain and make you feel better. It will get better!!!

Big hugs,


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Craig, my best vibes and wishes to you. Hope you will feel better soon. May God give you strength to help you go through this difficult treatment. - Lucy

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Nana b
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Thinking of you Craig, get better!!

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Catherine, I am so glad to hear that your feeling better and getting some of that fluid outta there!

Craig, hang in there! So sorry that you are being hit so hard. We miss you but, take your time and rest all you need. HUGS

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sounds a bit like two steps forward and one step backwards.
All I can offer is my prayers for you both.

good health,

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