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Recurrence risks for Stage T1b RCC

Cautiously Opti...
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I am a 46-year old woman who was diagnosed and surgically treated for stage T1b RCC in November 2008. I had my 2-year check up and all was clear (Thank God!) However, I continue to have lower quadrant pelvic pain and no one can tell me why. I've been told it's probably "muscular." Of course I can't help but think that his pain is recurrent disease and they just can't find it. I've read all the stats about stage one kidney cancer cure rates and the prognosis is good, but I can't help but wonder if it will return. Anyone have good info recurrence rates for stage T1b specifically or experience with lower left quadrant pain (hip/pelvis area) after left nephrectomy?

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I tried to find information online to answer your question, but could not. I am 8 1/2 years post surgery and my doctor advises that having had Kidney Cancer the risk for Kidney Cancer in the other Kidney is about 2% which is higher than the general public, but still very low. Of course at my age (67 1/2) I have a 2% risk of a lot of other things. As for lower back pain it can be a million different things and we all know that it can mask Kidney Cancer. Assuming your check up included a CT scan or similar test any new Kidney Cancer will show up on these tests and since it did not you are good for another year and hopefully for many years beyond that.

Cautiously Opti...
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Thanks for your reply. I call myself "cautiously optimistic" for a reason. I'm trying to be optimistic, but it's hard when you just don't feel 100%. I'll keep digging to find out why I'm having pain. Appreciate your taking the time to reply.

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At our age lower quadrant pain can be anything including an irritated bowel. Just follow up on the tests, eat well on a low protein diet. I am a 30 year survivor. There is always the worry in the back of your mind that 'it' might be cancer, but that gets better as you tally up more years of survival!

Cautiously Opti...
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thanks for your reply. I'm hoping i'll be more optimistic after that 5-year mark!

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Yes, indeed, "cautiously optimistic" says it all! That you are Stage1 (vs Stage3 or Stage4), keep getting those "all clear" CT scans will fully answer your question. But, yes, you will deal with "scanxiety" -- the period of time between having the scan and getting the results. :-)

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I agree with the person who said, "at our age," it could be intestinally related, and I would think it might be. If you've not had a colonoscopy, you should. I had one done and polyps were found, and I was diagnosed with diverticulitis, mild case, but this could be causing you discomfort in this area.

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I have to agree with Sasa. I had a colonoscopy last November for lower pelvic pain. All the investigating concerning this pain is what lead to the discovery of the mass in my left kidney. But, back to the subject, after the colonoscopy I was told I had diverticulosis, and pain from that is most comonly in the lower left quadrant. I still get pains there, and my GI doc. has ordered me to increase my fiber. I used 2tsp Benefiber once a day. He told me to increase to 3 times a day. I had a little IBS going also. I'm starting to feel a little better, and I believe the inc. fiber is helping. I also eat about 6 prunes a day (also very good for your bones, especially if post-menopausal) I'd give it a try. Stay farrrrr away from anything with a seed. I now strain my crushed tomatoes, and there are a lot of seeds in there. It's no fun looking at your food through a microscope, but it sure helps in avoiding getting a case of diverticulitis. The Benefiber completely disolves in any liquid(which I've really increased lately also, and there is no tatse. Good luck...Do the issues everrrr end? :-)

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I am 2 weeks out of surgery, I had my kidney removed because of RCC, befor the surgery I had back pain and after the surgery I still have some pain but ist better. I was stage T1B also I think we will both be around for a long time, or until GOD comes and take us all home.

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