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Fitting in

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Some times I feel like I really don't fit in... Why I don't know, I am so blessed as I read others post about their struggles.
My HUsband Dx LArynx Stage 4 Squamous cell Cause in 2009 and by 2010 mets to both lungs. He is still active, like today he replaced the back brakes on sons car. She eats good and dones pretty much things like normal, there are days he is tired but really there was days he was tired long before his cancer.
I have the upmost respect for each and everyone on the boards, Some more than others. but than being said.
I still feel so lucky , and happy yet sad that I can not help ease the pain for others. I can only say I care and am there for you and I know that is not much. I am not big on prayers , been asking for long time to win the lottery but never happened so figured I should give god a break .
Anyway I want you al to know How much I admire you all. You are each and every one a blessing to me. I could not have found my way with out you all April, Penny, Bear, Roxy , Cheryl , Pam ,Dee, and Joe , Travis (you make me laught) So so many to name . . You excepted me into this family and it means so much to me .
Sometimes I need to step back and look at the big picture . I do care for you all ....
I wish you peace and a brighter New Year . My heart will always hold a place with you all.
I am such a lucky person , Debbie Cakes to you all......

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And Happy New Year, Jennie!

Hope you have a wonderful start to the New Year with lots of love in your house.

Debbie cakes to you, too.


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What is the deal with the Debbie Cakes?

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Posts: 534
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I said when I get down or need something I reach for . DSebbie Cakes are the cheaper Hostess cakes or Twinkies. It is what I say for comfort.. Like people Smoke or drank or do both. I Eat me some Debbie Cakes. It came in on a earlier post I had made. So People that know me on here know I love me some Debbie Cakes. My Muse, I guess ( a guiding spirit), If we are lucky to find one.
Sometimes we just need a little humor, and Debbie Cakes is mine.

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Happy New Year! And don't say you don't fit in, cause you're a piece in our puzzle too!!!
You're lucky your husband is still with you and can still do things. The one thing good about 2010 is that I've met all of you on this site. We are so lucky to be able to confide in someone who know what we're going through. I kicked 2010 in the *** last night on the way out and opened my arms to 2011. Missed my husbands kiss at midnight and hope this is a better year!!! Hope it's a good year for you. Take care! "Carole"

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Hey zinnie, i am slow reading posts, goes to show should get on here more often. If any of you don't know this lovely lady, should get to know her. Zinnie has the heart of angel and we all have those angels in our lives. I am happy to know you thru chat zinnie, how you've made feel special and wonderful. I hold your friendship dear to me, and know that your hubby happens to be the wealthiest man, to have your love and compassion and laughter as his riches. I am sure your hubby will always have great progress as he goes thru his daily challenges and of course having you as a caregiver can only make it easier.
Glad to have met you !! ( oh ps. your first posting you missed something......ME... lol......luv ya girl ) Brenda

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