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How much chemo?

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After I was diagnosed in May 2009 with endometrial adenocarcinoma, I underwent radical hysto surgery followed by removal of 12 lymph nodes (2 positive), had three rounds of carboplatin and 28 external radiation sessions. Now, I'm going over all the posts here again and wondering about only 3 rounds of chemo. I have an appt with my gyn/onc to review latest CT on Friday and this question is at the top of my list for him. Anyone else get less than 6 rounds of chemo treatment initially? Am I having a little bit of a freak out unnecessarily?

My best wishes to all for the new year!!


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I think we both were similar cancer diagnosis...I had Endometrial Adenocarcinoma Stage 111 A. I had 30 rounds of external radiation followed by 5 rounds of carbo/taxol. I was scheduled for 6 but only had 5 as neuropathy was getting too bad and I couldn't get my counts up so Dr. stopped treatment after 5.

I would certainly ask your Dr. why he determined to go with 3...am sure he had some rationale. I find it interesting that so many of us have rather different approaches to treatment. Some brachy, some not...some sandwich therapy, some not. Makes a person wonder!

Will be anxious to hear your Dr's response.


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It sounds like you had sandwich therapy but as far as I know you get 3 chemo's, and radiation and then 3 more chemo's. Now your cancer is endometroid which is much less agressive than serous which most of us have. I know some oncologists believe that three chemo's are all you need and that the third one zaps the micro metastasis. Those of us with a much more agressive cancer as serous have more chemo. I would sit down and talk to him or get a second opinion from a Gyn Onc.


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