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My mom was recently diagnosed with NSCLC

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My mom was diagnosed with nsclc high stage II in October. She had surgery and the drs removed her entire left lung. She just started receiving chemo of Alimta (sp) and Cysplatin(I think). She is doing really well with the chemo but the injection (not sure the name) they gave her to help regenerate WBC's has made her so sick. Poor thing. Anyone have any similar experiences with this chemo or side effects. Thanks, K

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When WBC's go down (white blood count), doctors will typically prescribe a dose of either neulasta or neupogen. One is a short term 'cure' for the problem while the other has a longer effect, as I understand it. I took neupogen on several occasions and while it impacted me slightly, it did not have the effect that you -- and many others -- describe.

I was warned that it could make me very sick, aching in the bones, like a severe flu. As mentioned this was not the case for me, but your mom is not out of the norm. Other than trying the alternative one (if she is taking neulasta, switch to neupogen, for example?) all I can suggest is to hang in there, as it will be worth it in the long run.

Interestingly from my perspective, it was cisplatin itself that kicked my butt, and there was nothing I could do but suffer through it: dark room, fetal position, thumb in mouth :).

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