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CLL Stage 0 "Treatment" ?

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Hi all - I have Stage IV colorectal and normally post on that board. A very good friend of mine has been diagnosed with Stage 0 CLL. She is on the "watch and wait" plan. I gather this is normal, but wanted to check it out with you guys. So far she feels well - she had one negative CT, then developed a thyroid nodule (biopsied negative) and her onc is upping her CT / blood work schedule.

I'd like to hear what you all are doing as far as monitoring / treatment goes.


Stage IV CRC, diagnosed 5/05

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Hi, I Am on the watch and wait,and they will treat the symptoms as need be.I go to my cancer center every three months and Duke once a year.My doctors have no plans to do bone marrow or chemo for the cll.they hope to find a better way. wish the best for you and your friend,thanks woody cll stage o

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