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Question about deodorant/antiperspirants usage

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While recuperating from bilateral mastectomy my surgeon wouldn't let me use anything until 8 weeks following surgery and then it had to be only deodorant (no chromium). Does anyone know if at some point I can or should go back to using antiperspirant and can deodorant be worn while getting radiation?
Thanks, Char

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I just had my last radiation treatment yesterday. During that time I was not to wear deodorant, lotions, powders, fragrance or use any type of deodorant soap.

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That is the only date I remember...my last treatment...

soon as my sister found out I had breast cancer she bought me deodorant from health food store...not sure of name...but did not use during treatments..

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I was told to only use a non aluminum deodorant during rads. I used Tom's of Maine, but, didn't need it pretty quickly. I don't sweat under my arm anymore.

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Through the years I've heard that antipersperants were bad. After cancer, I don't use them, except on very very special occaisions. I use Crystal deodorant (the solid stick) and after it dries, dab on a little cornstarch. Not perfect, but I can live with it.


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I was told that during radiation the only deodorant I could use was Tom's. Never tried it; never needed it. I'm still not having any perspiration under my one arm from all the nodes that were removed. I use regular deo/antiperspirant under my other arm, the one that was not radiated.

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never .. ever.. never told about not using deodorant or anitperspiration. 3 lymph nodes removed .. Oncologist, Breast Cancer Special or Plastic Surgeon -- never mentioned 1 word.. Very interesting .. I did endure 4 months or 16 consective weeks of chemo TCH, and 1 year of herceptin .. no radiation.

Tom's is often recommended as a natural form of toothpaste for us chemo girls who suffer from mouth sores ..

Again, interesting topic

Vicki Sam

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I was also told no deodorant during radiation treatment except for Tom's. It'll be 1 year on 1/19 and still don't have to use it--chemo, herceptin, and/or radiation killed my odor glads. I sweat from hot flashes, night sweats but there is no odor. It's 1 side effect I like lol.

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I was not told anything specific about deodorants. I am bilateral and I dont need to use it.

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During radiation, Tom's of Maine was the only deodorant I was allowed to use. I only had a few lymph nodes removed on both sides, and unfortunately, every single one of my sweat glands seems to have survived unscathed.

My rads oncologist also emphasized how important it was to keep the radiated areas dry, and told me to use cornstarch (just plain cornstarch from the grocery store) in any areas prone to moisture. So I would use the Tom's every morning, with cornstarch on top of it in the underarm area and underneath my breasts.

My surgeon never mentioned deodorant one way or the other after surgery -- it was strictly part of the radiation thing in my case, and my radiation oncologist specifically cleared me to go back to regular antiperspirant about a month after I finished rads.


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that any deoderant or lotions being used had to be at least 4 hours before radiation. I found a deoderant called herbal clear which I had been using before the beast showed up. When I met with my rad onc the first time I asked about still using it and they ok'd it. I used it the entire time. This was because I generally got dressed for work at 7 am. and my rad treatment was at 3:30 pm. Hope this helps.


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I was told to use Arm & Hammer Natural deodorant. It has a pleasant smell and I still use it. I finished rads last July.


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Since I had my radiation treatments in May 2010, I have used an all natural deodorant stick called the Crystal. I was advised to avoid products containinng Aluminum Chlorohydrate, fragrances and parabens. The Crystal was easy to find in Whole Food stores as well as, most large chain pharmacies. It lasts for months and does not have an odor to it.It was recommended by the nurses in the radiation department as well as, a very close friend (She also happens to be a nurse) who underwent BC treatment two years ago.Tom's of Maine was also recommended by my Rad Onc however I did not find it effective and I disliked the smell of it. Since my radiation treatment, the underarm on the side of the surgery perspires much less, if at all, than the other side.Hair growth thre is significantly reduced too. I very rarely use regular antipersperant/deoderant and if I do on special occasions, only under the uneffected arm. This is a personal choice and was not suggested by any of my docs.

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and neither my surgeon nor my onc said anything about it so I've continued to use my Degree which in South Florida really helps.
Today, at my last chemo appointment, I asked and my onc said he doesn't use deodorant (never noticed) and that he doesn't like anything that clogs the pores.
I lived in Santa Monica CA for 26 years and used the Crystal Stick exclusively until my best friend told me I had an "unpleasant odor" during a chorus rehearsal (where we were standing shoulder-to-shoulder. I went home that night and through it out...may try it again, however the hot flashes that Chemo brought me (I'm 58) has me worried. Who knows, maybe now that I'm done with Chemo (as of today 1/7/11) the hot flashes will go away!
Thanks for the topic.

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