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I can't believe it's been a little more than a year

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since I was diagnosed with CRC. I know I don't post as much as I used to. I blame it on work, vacation, family life, and the holidays. It's been a zoo here. I try to log in every day to see how everyone is doing, but feel I don't offer much in giving advice anymore. There are so many more people here who are much more qualified to answer questions than I am. Like Kerry, it was time to take a break.

I do want you to know you're all in my prayers everyday.

I don't have a buddy (that Nana b) created and I don't really think I need one. If something happens to me, those here who are my facebook friends will know.

I had my follow up colonoscopy yesterday (right before Brooks had his!). So much fun. :) My CEA is down to 1.

After my scope, I had lunch with my brother after his chemo treatment ended yesterday. It was sooooo good to see him and just talk. He's doing really well with his cancer. Our oncologist is very proud of his progress. :) My cousin by marriage is going to him now for breast cancer. He's getting tired of us. (I mean that in a very funny way if you don't know the story!)

My arthritis is hitting hard. I do blame the chemo for this. I jokingly blamed chemo for a lot of things, but I really do blame chemo for this. I'm not sure if there is emperical evidence that shows chemo and steroids and all that comes with it causes arthritis, but I have it and it hurts like hell. Oh well. I'll talk to my onc about that in January when I see him.

I see a lot of new names on here. Oh, you have no idea how sorry I am you're here, but how very glad you found this site. So many smart and wise people to advise and give opinions.

Lori-S, I hope your son recovers quickly. I am so sorry that you're having to go through all this.

Winter Marie, I hope you're comfortable at home now. I think of you often and hope you're doing well.

Kathleen and Dick, I thought of you when I was in Maui at the first of December. Gosh, what paradise it is over there... except I was a bit homesick and wanted nothing more than to be home next to my husband. I loved it there and would love to visit another island. :) Snorkeling is my new favorite thing. What great wonders live under the ocean.

Mags, seems like I'm sad a lot lately. I love when my kids visit.

Snommintj, I love your enthusiasm. Your zest for life makes me smile.

Patteee, you go girl. Your CEA will be GREAT!!

KathyM, glad you made is safely to the Netherlands. I bet it's just so pretty. *smiling* Wasn't that quite the article in Readers Digest? I was reading that on the plane to Hawaii. hehehe.... I told my pilot nice landing too, which it was. The one coming back and flying into LAX -- not so much. :)

There are so many others I haven't addressed. Pepe, Jennie, Buz et al. You're all in my thoughts and prayers.

I really hope this new year brings us more healthy days and not so many bad ones. I hope it brings love and kindness to our hearts and weeds out the bad. We can look at it as a new beginning.

Love to you all...

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1 in 2 people? WOW!!! Just WOW!

Work was easy. I got away with this cancer thing soooooooo dang easy. All of it. From the two surgeries to the chemo up until October when the arthritis set in. It's worse than any of the chemo I had. I used to come to work and it is still so funny how my patients would look around when my bottle pump would go off... "woosh-click" "woosh-click". They're looking around trying to figure out what in the world is making that noise. Most I never told. Just let them keep wondering. :) My secret. :) I also had the best peers that would trade shifts with me when they knew I was going to be too fatigued to work. I had an understanding boss who let me have off all the time I needed. I didn't need much, thank goodness.

I could only hope that everyone else has it as easy as I did. That would be my wish come true.

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It seems you had wonderful time, in Hawaii, wonderful islands! I been there a couple of times and was great. I see you have been in Maui ,wich side of the island? .Hugs dear !

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we were at the southern part of the Island. We stayed in Kihei. (Did I spell that right?) LOVED it!! Did a lot of stuff between Lahaina and Wailea. Snorkeled off Lana'i and Molokini. FUN! FUN! FUN!

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How wonderful of you to check in. I am so glad that you enjoyed snorkeling on Maui. The world under the water is quite remarkable. When I just want to escape for a bit I will go out and get under the water to the quiet.
Thanks for thinking about us.


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I'm sure there's a T-shirt out there somewhere says says you've survived it. One thing I have to say about native islanders is their generosity, their kindness, their ability to make you feel at home is remarkable. LOVE THEM!

Lots of Mahalo honks from everyone. Waves of hello from everyone were galore.

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Thanks for the update. Sounds like you are handling things realtatively good. This has been a busy year for you so I'm wishing you a very Happy New year and a healthy one at that.


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So good to hear from you. I visited Hawaii many MANY moons ago. We stayed on the big island. I only remember a few things and most of them probably don't exist anymore. There was a place called The Polynesian Culture Center????.... Diamond Head where we climbed boocoo steps... DonHo (lol).... Hanaumah Bay (I know that aint spelled right but thats how it sounded)...and OH.OH...the pig roasts..what fun we had. Such a paradise!

Glad to see life is going so well for you. Cheers to you in 2011.


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I haven't been posting much lately, as busy recovering from being gutted like a fish as my hubby likes to describe it. Doing very well, started walking around the block yesterday, did it once today, plan on doing it again later this evening. Making dinners the past three days, pretty pain free, so all and all doing very, very well I think 11 days after surgery. Just tiring easily.
Also, best place for my laptop is in the living room where the wi-fi is best, the couch not so comfortable since surgery, so just spend minutes on. I think about you as well. Glad you enjoyed Hawaii!! I was married there 8 years ago, and have been back twice since, love it.
I'm looking forward a New Year, I did not think I would be seeing, I'm like a little excited kid.
Have a Happy New Year.
Winter Marie

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Kerry S
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Glad to hear that you are off your *** and moving. Moving keeps your *** alive and well. If it hurts to walk, hell just pop a percocet. You can do it darlin. We are all with you.


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Thanks for checking in. It sounds like your life is busy + full; good for you. Your trip sounds really nice. I am so glad your brother is doing well. Good luck with the test.

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Kerry S
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Holly darlin,
I missed you. Hell yes keep track of the length of your battle. As of today I have fought this crap 1,010 days – 2.8 years – and I have had no damn bag on my belly for 29 days. The way I figure it is I be winning.

I am now thinking of firing my brain doc as he has a nurse that rides a broom to work. Plus I think he is a well educated idiot. That damn Keppra he has me on is killing me. I forgot to take my 9 pm pill last night and feel a lot better today. Going to forget it tonight to. He was so proud that I was doing fine with the Keppra when I had the bag. Keppra is a time release drug. It was only in me for 4 hours or less before it got dumped into the damn bag. So I was taking 2 – 500 mg per day but only getting 500 mg in me. I figure that if I now forget one pill per day I be back to the same dose I was getting while on the bag. Going to call him Monday and see what he thinks about my logic. If he gives me any crap I will fire him.

Love ya

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Happy New Year to you, dear. I'm so sorry the arthritis is so bad. Please come by occasionally and let us know about your brother.


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