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Doctor Appointment Today

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Had my yearly checkup today. Pap smear won't know results for about 2 weeks but he said it looked fine then he said ok I'm going to change gloves and I said "are you giving me a rectal?" "Opps, yup that is left to Dr. Lee." Just didn't want that since just going through colonoscopy in June and seeing Dr. Lee on December 3. Don't need that little Christmas Present. As some of you read, I've been concerned about a lump on my foot and he said it was just a cyst and could go to a podatrist (sp) if wanted to have it removed, but it doesn't hurt and doesn't bother me so why would someone go through that. I'm not going to do anything with it. Of course, the cancer issue came up that I'd be concerned about it being in my foot and he understood and said he knows where I'm coming from with the issue but nothing to worry about - yippeeeee. Geez going to the doctor is so frustrating. Yup got my Atavan. Have so much anxiety always. My son just told me yesterday that he might have lost his job. One more thing to worry about.


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It sounds like this was a good appointment; I am happy for you. I am sorry your son might have lost his job. Let us know.

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Sounds like your appointment went pretty good....and Ativan is such a good thing :)...I sure am sorry about your son's job though. If it happens, I hope something good happens for him soon.


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Oh, Kim. I so understand. If I have a loose eyelash, I wonder what kind of cancer is causing that. *grins* It's always in the background, isn't it?

Glad you had a good appointment, and good call on that rectal exam. No need to go there too often!

Praying your son is wrong about his job.


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It sounds like things are good. I hope it all works out with your son.

Thinking of you.


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Hi Kim,
Happy to hear all is well......Happy New year to you and your family! Tom

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oh Kim that is great....don't you wish you could do those appointments without so darn much anxiety....glad to hear your doc knew where you were coming from

also glad you got some ativan....keep those jitters down girl...

Kim you must be exhausted after the amount of Christmas cooking you did

best hugs and cheers


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good way to say good bye to the year!

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Although cysts are just a pain they can cause infection...been there. The cyst they didn't worry about but under the cyst I got infected and they had to do a three hour MRI on my toe. Yup three hours on a toe. It was bad enough that if the infection had reached my bone then then would have to take the toe. Instead they took the cyst and the infection got treated and I was very glad. It was out patient took 15 minutes. Keep a close eye Hugs Lou

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Wow....sounds like a very good visit. YAY for you!!!! Take care.


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I am glad everything is ok thinking of u


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Hi Kim, good for you! Happy to hear all was good. I know what you mean about the lump on your foot. My imagination is healthier then any part of me!! Best to you. Jean

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Nana b
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Cool beans!!

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glad to hear you are doing well.my turn will be in janurary for scans followed by colonoscopy in february oh joy.i really been having the scanxiety,,,Godbless...johnnybegood

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