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Still Shrinking.... :)

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We went back for our second ct since starting chemo.... The tumor in my wifes lung is still shrinking.... significantly and everything else appears stable. The onc said on a scale of 1 to 10, the response is about a 10!

We get another update in six weeks, just before we go to Australia for vacation.... my wife's lifelong dream.

She's followed a diet of chemo and lots of sugar!

Thanks all for your continued support.

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F*A*N*T*A*S*T*I*C ... So happy for your wife and family, thats what we all want to hear. Keep up the fight. Prayers and best thoughts are with you..... Dan

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This is great news. Have a great vacation. Lori

Concerned Daughter
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W O N D E R F U L ! ! !

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Great News. Enjoy your vacation. God Bless

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Thanks for posting the GREAT news! I am very happy for your family and wish you a wonderful vacation in Australia. Have fun!


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That's great news!!...

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Now, I'm curious why it's been your wife's lifelong dream to go to Australia ;) For most people it's Ireland or France or Alaska or Spain or something. I can think of a few terrific things about Australia right off the bat - aboriginal rock art, Sydney Opera House, Ayer's Rock, Tripod Vs the Dragon, but it's not the usual sort of place people dream of going to...

I'm so glad she's doing so well!

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My wife did a lot of traveling before we met, including Europe, and we went to Alaska last year.

You hit two of the places we will go.. Sydney and Ayer's Rock. We will also go to the Northeast to the reef.

I'm surprised at how well she is doing... Her skin is very dry, and there are the usual side effects of chemo and the targeted therapies, but she does not complain. We are self employed, and this is a slower time of year, so she has been able to take some time off. But she continues to work. She had chemo for ten hours yesterday... Cetuximab, Taxol, carboplatin, Avastin and the ancillary medicines that go along with it. Then she stayed up till midnight and got up this morning to work. Now if it was me, I'd be in bed or on the couch most days.

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is attacking with everything he's got! And your wife is amazing for standing up to it! We all know women are better at handling illness than men are ;-) *JOKE*

Hope you get a chance to scuba dive on the reef, it looks beautiful.


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At the risk of sounding sexist, in general, I do believe that women are better at handling the physical pain, and emotional adjustments needed to deal with major illnesses.

I have my PADI scuba certification, but have never scuba dived outside of that setting. So yes, that is somthing I will be doing.

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Glenna M
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Congratulations!! This is wonderful new and I'm happy that you added that her diet was chemo and sugar :)

I hope you all enjoy Australia, my niece went to college in Sydney and love the country.

Stay well and have a wonderful New Year!!!

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luz del lago
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Such wonderful news! Enjoy your vacation, take lots of pics and post!

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great news have a great vacation you give us all hope.

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