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I see all cancer sections except one for what i was diagnosed with 6 months ago. I have peritoneal carcinomatosis and I want to discuss this with people who have the same thing. No offense to my fellow cancer patients. Its just, well you know, you are more comfortable with discussing your illness with someone going through the same experiences you are. I am 32 years old a single father of 4 who if the doctors are right i have less then a week left to live. I am currently just managing my pain with meds. No chemo available i think they just want me to sit here and die but I'm not going out without a fight tho. So Im on morphine and dilaudid to manage my pain and thats all. Please I need to discuss my situation with people who know what im going through. I pray everyone on here will survive and God will bless us with long comfortable lives.

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do you have a bunch of ascites building up all of the time? My husband's stomach cancer has spread to his peritoneal cavity. He had malignant ascites that kept building and we were draining about 7 liters/week. He is on new meds now and amazingly that is all gone now. We just keep our fingers crossed that it won't come back.

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What kind of medicine is your husband on? My husband is dealing with malignant ascites as well.... What chemo has your husband been through or going through?

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They say alot of primary peritoneal carcinomas are started in the reroductive organs. Like my they think my moms derived from her ovaries so even though the cancer(weirdly) is not in her ovaries thats where it came from. This cancer is sooooo rare. My moms surgeon said in 37 yrs of surgery he has never seen it.
I think that there are more people on the ovarian cancer site that know so much about this cancer. I know it sounds nuts but they are friendly and very helpful. Alot have ovarian but there are several that have PPC. They really helped me. So maybe just try goin on there. Nuts, right?
Anyway. My mom has stage 4 and she is gettin her second chemo next week and than tey will do surgery soon to get out what they can. I am guessing ur doc says chemo will not work? Crazy? Did u seek another opinion. I mean my moms has spread alot. There has to be something they can do.
I hope things are well.

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Hi all: Also in colorectal and Rare and Other Cancers. We may soon have a separate discussion thread on it.

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