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Hugs To All

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On this day I sit here feeling blessed to be part of this group. I know it's a group all of us would love to have never become part of but that was not the plan. For one reason or another we are all here and now it's our responsibility to support and love one another through the tough times ahead. I know that not everyone is religious and that's totally cool cause we all have the rights to our own thoughts, values and beliefs. For those of you who believe in God I hope he will bless each and everyone of you with healing power to take away the hurt, the suffering and yes even the cancer. For those of you who don't believe I pray the same thing but I do it out of love not to try and force my beliefs upon you as I promise to NEVER do that.

Cancer can do allot of things to our mind and body but we MUST show this disease that no matter what we are still in control. Yes we will have down days and that is to be expected but may the up days be ten fold over the down ones. Now that Christmas has passed there will be that small let down along with the winter blues. But with New Years comes a new beginning for those of us who can't wait for 2010 to get on out of here (myself included) January 1st will be that new beginning. I pray that the cure for ALL cancers is right around the corner and that doctors will find away to keep EVERYONE alive until that day comes. I hope everyone has a wonderful night. When you are done reading this get up and go to your loved ones in your home and hug each of them, kiss them and tell them how much you love them. If you are alone pick up the phone and let someone know how much you appreciate them. Let us not waste another day without letting your love be known for all who support and love you.

God Bless,
Bobby in Dallas

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Thanks for the prayers and encouraging words. Hope and pray that you have a wonderful New Year.


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