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Writing this from the hospitaL.

Well got my husband to the family doc but went from there by ambulance to hospital. Thought he was going to die last night but he pulled through. His blood pressure is 90 over 40 something (now) which is much improved and now he has a low grade fever. We will be discussing his hospice options when the onc and hospice evaluate him tomorrow. He wants to come home for a few days and walk around - there's no way he can walk. He doesn't want a hospital bed either. I can't care for him by myself even if hospice sends someone in once a day. We will see if he qualifies for the hospice center (two - three weeks left to live). If he does we have to convince him the hospice center would be the best course of action. I am emotionally spent from my sister's death and husband's illness. I just don't have it in me to be able to care for him myself and still work (even at home). So tomorrow we will see our options. I don't know if he'll even make it through the week. I guess only God knows. Wearing a prayer shawl my friend gave me. She asked someone in her church to make it for me and the pastor and everyone in the congregation prayed over it. I'm feeling the love.

My daughter is here right now (I'm so glad) and my son is coming Thursday night. I hope Paul makes it until then.

That's all I know right now. I never expected him to go down this fast. We had such a great Christmas. He was so happy to get his Giants NFL jersey. He looked great in it and he wanted us to take pictures with him - very unusual so I guess he knew he was crashing. I'm so glad I put up the tree. It came out beautiful. I'll always have that memory.

Please continue your prayers for my husband and my family. Your support and prayers mean the world to us.

Thank you so much.


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I am very sorry to hear this; my prayers will continue to be with you and Paul.


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Skipper, please know that everyone here is with you and Paul. Keep your family, congregation, and wonderful prayer shawl close. Paul sounds like a very brave and thoughtful husband.


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Lifting prayers for you, your husband and your family. Please take comfort from knowing there are many people who are "on watch" with you right now.

Prayers shawl ministry is a wonderful thing. It is very active at our church and always appreciated. Hope you can feel the love emanating from the shawl, because it is there.

Hugs, Skipper.

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Please know we are all sending them your way....


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Pam M
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Asking for strength for y ou and yours.

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Skipper....my heartfelt prayers are going out to you and your family at this moment. Prayers for peace, for comfort, and for strength in the days and months to come. Be strong and make sure to lean on friends and that wonderful congregation as much as you need to......

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since I can't be there in body. You're in my thoughts.

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Jan Trinks
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I'm so sorry to hear this news. I truly know what you are feeling and how you are feeling. We didn't expect my husband's illness to progress so quickly when we found out it returned. Please know you are in my prayers and so glad you had a good Christmas. I spent Christmas with Charlie's family and it was bittersweet. Please keep me informed on how you're doing. I do want to recommend the book, A Tearful Celebration. It was so good and helped me a lot. Prayers coming to you, hubby and family. Charlie and I didn't have any children just the four legged kind, but they are my buds! And again I'm so sorry. Please feel free to send me a private message if you want to "talk" later.

Jan (aka Basketcas)

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My thought's & prayer's are with you & your family.
Hugg's Roz

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Glenna M
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I will keep you, your husband and your family in my prayers. I will also be praying for strength for you during this sad time.


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So sorry for this news, you have been through so much.

Hospice is wonderful, they are a true blessing.

Be good to yourself....Elysia

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Hi Skipper,
So sorry to hear that your hubby has gotten worse. Hope he doesn't have to suffer too long. I'll be praying for him and thinking about you & your family. Lucky you had a nice Christmas with him. Be strong! "Carole"

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...as you move along this unfamiliar path. You do not walk alone.

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You, your husband and all your loved ones will be in my prayers.
May God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand.

--Jim in Delaware

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My prayers are with you.

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Still praying for you.

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