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Resistance to Crizotinib?

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My mother was on the trial drug for 5 months and is now off it because she had drastic progression. She was stable for 5 months. Then the most recent scan was like a 180. My mom has stage IV NSCLC. Please let me know if anyone has also developed resistance and what have your treatment options been. My mom's oncologist wants to start on more chemo. Thank you in advance.

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Hi flagrl
Sorry I don't have any information for you regarding options, I'm actually looking for information "from"you. My wife is presently being staged to begin Crizotinib treatment in 3 weeks. She is nsclc stage IV w/ mets to lymphnodes&Brain. We just completed 8 rounds of Taxotere but our doctor feels it is time to change treatment. My question(s)have you experienced any severe side effects, and if so what were they. We actually have the same question you are asking regarding what options she will have if the Crizotinib fails to work.
Hope you are able to learn something from the many experienced posters on this site, we certainly have.

I will think good thoughts and keep you in my prayers.

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I see it has been a few months since your post, but hopefully this can still be of help. My mother also developed a resistance to crizotinib, though only one of her tumors, and was taken off the trial. She is about to begin another trial testing a drug called STA-9090, which is an Hsp90 inhibitor. There has been some research showing that this drug may be effective against cancers after they develop resistance to crizotinib.

If your mother is ALK-positive, this website might have some helpful links. I just read on the site that the chemo alimta seems to have some positive results for alk positive people.


Good luck!

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