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Bring on 2011!!!!!

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It has to be better, right??

I am so ready to see 2010 go away, I lost both my mother and mother in law, both way to soon and quickly.

So far I have "made" it through Thanksgiving, my moms bday, and Christmas. I'm thinking there are more hard times to come, but perhaps things will not feel so "raw" and I will be able to enjoy the memories, instead of crying.

I text my 2 boys Christmas Eve while they were at their dads and said "be good, Santa is still watching"..(they are 17 and 21)....My 17 yr old responds...."So is Nanan".....that crushed me!!! :(

Chin up to us all!! Be good to yourselves, and I believe this means allowing time to meltdowns and saddness....it just cannot consume you!


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Hey it's so soon for you losing your mom & mother-in-law so it's good to have meltdowns. This past week, I've had quite a few and am hoping once the holidays are over they'll subside. My friend said just pretend you're in an airplane & going through turbulance and soon it will pass. Good thinking, huh?
I made it through Christmas eve & day pretty good. Christmas eve morning I went to the cemetery and had a major meltdown. Got it out of my system and tried to not cry the rest of the day or Christmas day. My daughter-in-law started crying all of a sudden during dinner and we all knew why. Tom was a great husband, father, father-in-law & papa, so we all missed him being there.
Well, hope you're doing okay & remember we're all in this together. "Carole"

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Glad we made it through the holidays and hoping for a more positive and happier 2011. I think a part of me still expects my Terry to come through the door. Need to move on from that and accept he is not coming home. Things will get better...don't know when, but they will. God bless, and let's embrace 2011 with optimism.

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