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scan time again

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hi all i dont post alot but i do lurke.i came to this board even if i am only a 2 year survivor.i just need a place to go and get away from the ones still in treatment for colon cancer.my question to all the long term survivors is...do you ever get over the fear when it comes time to having your yearly testing.i let it get the best of me worring about it and i cant even enjoy the holidays because my cat scans and colonoscopy will be coming up in janurary? i know life has to go on but the question always remains is the cancer going to come back how do you cope? Godbless....johnnybegood

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The thought came to me if a scan worries you and ruins the holiday, can you switch and do the tests before the holidays? There is probably timing involved but you could talk to the doctor about the best time to switch.

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Hi Johnny - I am not sure you ever get over it. No matter how unlikely, any scan could bring problematic results. In my case scans are quarterly now (and I am 5.5+ years out, but my Stage IV case is a bit different from yours). In any event I still get a bit anxious and dread waiting for results even though I get them relatively quickly.

I think Marcia has a good point. Start adjusting your scan schedule, so that you can avoid the Holidays or your birthday or whatever else just makes it worse. I had my last (clean) scan end of October and will have my next end of January - that leaves the Holidays relatively free of anxiety (and I think the New Year and all of that tends to give us a bit of anxiety no matter how well we're doing.) This schedule, carefully crafted by me by moving things out a week or two at a time, avoids my Anniversary, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Chrismas and New Years. Something to think about.

Stage IV CRC
diagnosed 5/05

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I am five years out from Head/neck cancer, and three from lung, and for the first time I went to see OncoMan for results of CT scan without the anxiety I usually feel, and which you and others describe.

It was nothing magical. Nothing I did specifically. I simply decided that it is what it is. And I also suspect that over time you come to expect good results when they are what you are getting time after time.

The anxiety is always there. It took me until the exam room to feel it (OncoMan coming to give me the news). Up until then, I was calm about the whole thing, and even there, I was not overly wrought.

I doubt that it ever goes away completely, but you do come to accept it and to deal with it, or so I have found.

I think the previous respondents make excellent points, and you should consider talking to OncoMan about changing your schedule. A month here or there should not have a dramatic impact.

In the meantime, best wishes with your tests and the results.

Take care,


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thanks for the input.the timing of the scans should have a lot to do with it.and as i have learned from this experiance it does just take time for everything,from getting our energy back to the scanxiety.thanks again...Godbless...johnnybegood

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...and my insurance has started denying my doctor's requests for scans....they say it is unjustified.

I was only stage III rectal, and had a complete response, as well as surgical removal of the lower portion of my colon (rectum, sig colon). So, I don't get scanxiety because, well, unless I really get nervous and plead for a scan(I will do this in April), I don't have them.

BUT my case is different, as all of ours are, so whatever is normal for whatever cancer is what to do...I always look to these scans as reassurance that everything is still ok...not that there is going to be something wrong...it's alot in the way you think about it...

Hugs, Kathi

New Flower
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Good luck with you scans.
Enjoy the Holidays

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Kathi, your case sounds similar to mine. My question is, is what's left of your bowel irritated now? I am almost five years out, and it seems to be getting more irritated lately, in fact I'm waiting for a doc appt now to see what she suggests. I've adjusted my diet as much as I can and take Imodium daily which worked until recently. Any suggestions?

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I think a little worry might always be there but for me the fear goes away with time. My NPC Cancer started in 2002 I have had a lot of PET, C/T’s and MRI’s done over the years, some came back bad and some came back NED. I do the only thing I can do and that is to pray before doing any of them.

Take care and hope 2011 is a good year for you my friend.

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