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Remission milestone gift

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One of my friends had a clean scan 5 days ago showing 1year in remission from stage 4 lymphoma. He gets his port out next week. I'd like To get him something to show support and how happy/proud i am for him. He's active in fundraising for the leukemia lymphoma society so I was thinking of donating in his name. What do you think of this as a gift? Better ideas?

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I think that's a lovely idea, he is lucky to have a friend as thoughtful as you are.

I know the word 'remission' is used for many reasons with cancer but just an aside here. I have personally always found the word negative. The reason I say that is that the word, to me anywho, implies that it's only a phase, the absense of active cancer, and that it will definitely return but you don't know when. Maybe this is just my take on it but I feel it's a negative way to look at it.

I know nothing of his case so there may be reasons to use the word for sure but I guess I just believe in miracles and healing too much and I just don't think anyone is uncurable so for that reason I never use the word remission.

Just a take on a much used cancer word is all. I do think that your idea of a gift to him to mark his positive test results after a whole year after diagnosis is great. Everyone should have a supportive friend such as you.



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Thank you for your feedback and insight, bluerose. My friend uses the term Remission often and with a lot of pride when using it, so it's In our circle of friends' vocab.

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i would be happy to donate in his name VA1997. Just let me know the organization and any other details. you can use CSN Email and my member name if you like or post here.

HeartofSoul "Steve"

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That is so kind of you HeartofSoul!!!

Guess we all have our own definition of "remission", but I was told by Soccerfreaks any remission is a great remission!!! Sounds good to me....


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