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2011 Come On Down

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Hey 2010 can you do us all a favor and disappear as you have brought many of us some tough news. Many of us have lost loved ones this year myself included as I lost my grandmother to Lung Cancer. Also many of us myself included found out that we had cancer or that a loved one now had cancer. But cancer cannot take what we won't let it and I am determined to not give one inch of myself to cancer. I will fight this thing tooth and nail till either they tell me I am cancer free or when my Lord and Savior calls me home. At only 39 years old I feel like many of you out there that I have MANY, MANY good years ahead. I am looking forward to my last chemo in two weeks and then the CT scan three weeks later. If all goes well I plan on going back to work in the beginning of February and finally stop being Mr Mom
The cool thing is that even though I have been out of work on disability since March I still have 4 weeks of vacation from this year that I must use by March 31st of next year. So I plan on asking my company to allow me to come back working half days to not only burn up the vacation time but to allow my body to slowly work it's way back to normal. I hope everyone is doing well this day and I hope that you will go to bed tonight knowing that you are loved by many people in your life...

God Bless,
Bobby in Dallas

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Kenny H.
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Ya Im sooooo ready for 2010 to end and for the journey ahead in 2011 weather I end up with good news or not. 2010 has to be one of the WORST years of my life!

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Yes, bring it on and with good results. We all need good news in 2011 and hoping that each one of you and me gets it. Lets make this a banner year.


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Dear Bobby,

I pray that 2011 will be a much better year for all of us in our CSN family.


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