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Winter Storms

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I just wanted to see how all my CSN family on the east coast are doing with all the winter white weather better known as snow. I hope all of you are warm, dry and most of all safe. Please check in when you can.


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Hi Leslie, i am in long island ny, and we got a good amount of snow at least a foot and a half here, the winds were bad last night,lights kept flickering with every gust of wind, house was vibrating with each gust as well,but i was lucky, didn't lose power. Temps are chilly 24 degrees with the wind chill its like 12 degrees, hope i can get out my front door haven't checked that yet, last big storm, my front door had snow up to the door handle,seems that the worst is over which is good,i hope others were as fortunate as i was during the storm as i heard that a lot on long island lost power due to the winds taking trees down, wind gusts here were over 50mph, will keep good thoughts that others are ok
Chris(FNHL stage-3)04/08-remission

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Hi All!!

I'm in central NJ. We got a foot of snow!! Yay!!! It just seems like Christmastime to me now! The wind is intense though!

I have a vacation day today and my work is opening at 12 noon. Go figure! hehe

Hope everyone is warm and safe and feeling good today. Did some yoga (doctors orders) and that always makes me feel better.

Love and blessings to all.


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Hi ladies,
I've been sitting here also wondering how everyone in the storms path has been faring. Glad to hear the two of you are doing ok. Hope you have someone other than yourselves to get out and do the shoveling! If not...PAY someone to do it for you! Now we need to hear from the others...Vinny, John, etc. About 10 years ago we got hit with 21 inches of snow in one night, followed by another 10 inches the next night. I'll never forget that winter! Roofs caved in all over town, the roads were impossible to get out on and our town literally shut down for about 3 days. We had a snow bank along the full length of our driveway about 5 feet tall and it took a month or better before we started seeing any of signs of melting. It's fairly common for us to get 8 to 10 inches of snow at any given time and most folks here are prepared and deal well with it, but when you get into the 2 feet amounts, blowing winds and low wind chill factors..well....even the hardiest of snow folks say "holy sheet"!!!..ha! Stay inside as best you can ladies, and thanks for sharing.
Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Hi all
It is sunny here but it is very chilly. Wednesday it will be back in the 70's. The snow looks beautiful but I am glad we don't have to shovel it. Stay warm and safe.

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Hi Everyone, we got SLAMMED!!!!! 20 inches here, shoveled twice, I must be getting better, never would been able to do what I did a month ago!!!!! LOL

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Hi Vinny,
You are getting better!! I have never had to shovel snow, and I am sure I could not do it.
Embrace the signs of healing...
Stay well and warm.

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