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UPDATE: Can't Go To Sister's Memorial Service

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As it turns out, it was God guiding me on this one. I had decided not to go to my sister's memorial because I didn't want to leave my husband alone. He wanted me to go but I just had a bad feeling about it. Well my husband wound up in the hospital and now we are talking with hospice. We'll know tomorrow about whether he is going to go to the hospice center or come home or what. Apparently he has to meet certain criteria to be accepted at the hospice center. I believe there would have to be a prognosis of 2 - 3 weeks to live. I don't know if he meets that criteria but I do know he is having trouble swallowing even water and is only eating a couple of spoons of soup or a taking a few sips of water. Now he also has a low grade fever. He also seems congested. On the bright side - he loves the morphine. I think I'd like some.

Hope we can get things settled tomorrow. I'm hating sleeping in this chair. It's supposed to be be a lounge chair but I guess I don't weigh enough to keep it flat. It's a back killer. We found the family lounge but my daughter had a long drive in and I'm letting her use the sofa in there. The doctors will get here early and we want to be here for that. My daughter is in the medical field and she has a whole bunch of questions. She also wants to reade the charts. I could do that but I don't understand the lingo.

He's coughing an awful lot so they are going to give him a breathing treatment now.

Keep the prayers coming please.

(((Hugs & Love))) to you all for being so supportive.


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I'm sorry you are going through this, Skipper.

You are in my thoughts and I will say a prayer for you.

Yes. Cancer sucks. Big time.

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I'm so sorry to hear. All my hugs to you. Every day is so uncertain, and that is what makes it so much harder.

Everything about this sucks.

Love and Hugs,

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I am deeply sorry for what you are going through. Know that you are in so many of our prayers and thoughts.

Cancer sucks so much. I say this often and wish I could find other words, but nothing else comes to mind. It just sucks.

It causes so much pain.

Hugs, and prayers,


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