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You doing okay in the snow?

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I'm having a moment. Pain and nausea caused my hubby to lash out at me; at which point I told him--do it again and watch me catch the next plane back to Florida.

Which of course I didn't mean. So I stepped outside in the snow and had one of my rare "Nicotine treatments" and I'm feeling less hostile now.

Doesn't do any good if both of us are biting at each other.

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This is just hard, Penny. You are doing fine.

Hang in there.

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I am sorry Penny. I know that this is hard, but you are doing a good job ad handling everything well.

Luv and hugs!


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Husband's generally aren't good patients and caregivers can only take so much before they snap. You're just being normal under the circumstances. I've gone through the same thing with my husband. You're doing a great job. You're in a tough situation. Can you get some medication for yourself nad/or your hubby for anxiety?



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Don't cha think that one of the things he loves about you is that you won't let yourself get pushed around? Hearing you set limits, probably the way you have always done, likely made him smile a little inside. You go girl. Can't help your companion until you have your oxygen mask on right.

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cigarettes are necessities when going thru this cr@p.... without them society would not be safe from me

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I can understand.. My hubby is really in pretty good shape almost 4 weeks from surgery( sarcoma- wide excision in left shin area).. But is still compaining quite a bit and wanting me to wait on him.. I get resentful then feel guilty. I started my own business last summer and work 6 days a week.. We have two kids and I feel like I have a third! ( even more than usual lol). We have to try to give ourselves a break. We are going through a lot too!

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