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Had a thyroid ultrasound because a ct in June noted "incidental finding" thryoid nodules

hopeful girl 1
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I just finished up my treatments in November for uterine cancer 3C. I had surgery, 3 chemos, followed by 25 radiations, followed by 3 chemos. My bloodcounts (red, white, neutrophils) are still not back up to normal, but are starting to improve. My cancer marker test is good number and treatment is considered successful for now. It has been 7-1/2 weeks since my last chemo.

My oncologist was not overly concerned about the ct in June, and said we would follow up on the thyroid nodules after my chemos were completed.

I had the thyroid ultrasound on Wednesday and it showed that the thyroid is prominant in size. And it showed two predominantly solid nodules, one cystic. All are small in size. There may be more, I think this was a summary report. It showed that the lymph nodes adjacent to the thyroid were NOT enlarged (so I hope that is a good sign).

My oncologist was on vacation last week, and returns this week. His nurse will review the results, and they will confer with another doctor as they do not handle the thyroid (although they did order the ultrasound for me to follow up).

They will discuss and call me this week with what needs to be done.

I am really scared because I just finished a year of surgery and treatment, and thought I was done for now, until my 3 month follow up for my uterine cancer in February.

Now it looks like I have to check on this.

Please advise any feedback. Also, I am really scared about needing possibly a fine needle biopsy. I have been reading many horror stories about them online-being very painful and so forth. Is it true that this test they often do not get another tissue and results are inconclusive? Also does it only identify 2 of 4 cancers?

Thank you.

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i didn't find it very painful..

and no it didn't detect that i had thyroid cancer and when they went in and removed 1/2 of my thyroid they found 2 types of thyroid cancer.

yes it can be inconclusive a lot of the time it allows them much more information prior to surgery and if it comes back cancer cells they can know then and recommend a complete thryoidectomy instead of what i had that was 2 separate surgeries 2 weeks apart.

I would still go through with it cause that way they at least know what type of thyroid tissue they are dealing with. every little piece of data they have before they operate is helpful.

good luck and keep us informed please.

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Hi Hopeful Girl 1,
I am so sorry you have been through so much with your Uterine cancer and now to have to deal with this. Known fact is that 90% of Thyroid nodules are non-cancerous (benign). I have had three FNA's (Fine Needle Aspirations) and while they weren't exactly comfortable, they were not what I consider painful either. Be weary of most of what you read on the internet. You can trust what you get from this site. Nasher is very knowledgeable and has been through a great deal. He is one of the few men that get Thyroid Cancer. It usually affects women. I concur with him on the entire Thyroid removal especially if it is cancer or suspicious for cancer. I am not sure about the identification of the types of cancer from an FNA, but I am fairly sure they will be able to tell from most FNA's the typing. It will depend on whether or not they get a good sample from each node. You can live without your Thyroid. By the way, the reason they call it a "Fine" needle Biopsy-Aspiration is because the needle is very small. If you need a total Thyroidectomy you will take one pill a day for the rest of your life and you will be fine. Educating yourself on this is the best way to fight it. Read my story, Nasher's and others. Keep us posted and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to confer with us. We have been where you are. I wish you well and prayers are going out to you.

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I had a fine needle aspiration which was inconclusive. I then saw a surgeon who said from looking at my ultrasound the end result was the same, my thyroid needed to come out. I would just ask questions to see if your oncologist feels the FNA is enough. The surgeon made the right recommendation, my thyroid was cancerous. I am 2 1/2 years post surgery and I am fine. I feel great.

hopeful girl 1
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Why did your thyroid need to come out? Because of nodules, or was it enlarged?

Did you have cancer? Did you need any other treatments? Did you have any symptoms prior?

Thank you.

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