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Merry Christmas From Heaven

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Merry Christmas From Heaven

I still hear the songs
I still see the lights
I still feel your love
On cold wintery nights.

I still share your hopes
And all of your cares
I’ll even remind you
To say all your prayers

I just want to tell you
You still make me proud
You stand head and shoulders
Above all the crowds

Keep trying each moment
To stay in his grace
I came here before you
To help set your place

You don’t have to be perfect
All of the time
He forgives you the slip
If you continue the climb

To my family and friends
Please be Thankful today
I’m still right beside you
In a new special way

I love you all dearly
Now don’t shed a tear
Cause I’m spending Christmas
With Jesus this year

By John Wm Mooney Jr.

<----In Memory of my beautiful mother

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This is such a beautiful poem! I'm sure you're mom is looking down on you like my husband is looking down on me. Please have a Merry Christmas & remember, we have to remember all the happy times we had with them. I know we can make it through these next days. Bless you!

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Yes, we can make it through these next days, although they are H E double hockey stick!!!
At 47, I feel so completely lost!!! My mom, my rock, my confident, my best friend is no longer with me, and it sucks. I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like for you with the loss of a spouse..

Together, with all of us, we can do this!!!!!!!!!111

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"My mom, my rock, my confident, my best friend " Thank God I still have her for this Cmas but my heart goes out tremendously for you. We are pretty sure I wont have her next Cmas, so we are celebrating HUGE this year and doing all the things we always wanted to do. (((hugs))) to you.

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I came across your post this morning as I enjoyed a few quiet moments before my children woke up to Christmas morning. My daughter found me in tears by the tree when she got up. Your poem touched me so. 34 years ago I lost my Dad to pancreatic cancer on Christmas Eve. He had just turned 49 and I was 19. I still have weepy moments on Christmas Eve, some of the memories are that strong. 2 days ago I brought my husband home from the hospital after a total gastrectomy to treat stomach cancer. We don't know what his final prognosis will be. He is very ill after the surgery and can't eat. He faces months of chemo once his body has recovered some from the surgery. The deja vu from the experience with my Dad has been very pronounced. There are many of us out here dealing with cancer in our loved ones during the holidays...and many of us who are missing someone terribly. We can all support each other through the rough times. Keep in touch and I hope you were able to find some peace this Christmas day.

Sad in Seattle

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