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Post Davinci pathology report

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Just an update for those who had taken the time to support me.

Had surgery Dec. 15. Dr. called last night to review pathology report (a copy is being sent to me):
Gleason downgraded from 8 to 7 (4+3) -- PTI 40%.
Left base clear, Right based cancerous.
Seminal vessels are clear
Lymph nodes are clear
Apex is clear
Right base margins had cancer

Every thing stated in the initial staging tests (Biopsy, MRI, Bone scan, CT) were the same except that confirmation of extra prostatic extension was confirmed rather than suggested and Gleason score was reduced to 7 (4+3). So there were really no surprises.

We will schedule a PSA in 8 weeks and make a plan from there. Recovery is going nicely and will have cathedra removed this Monday.
I'll keep everyone in the loop as things progress.

Last October I knew about PSA but nothing about PC and everything that is discussed on this board. Thanks to everyone I now at least have a working vocabulary and some knowledge about PC.

Thanks everyone,

Here's to a Merry Christmas and a health improving New Year!!

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Best of luck and happy holiday, whichever you may celebrate.
I know that it is a typo but I still get a chuckle from picturing a chair of the bishop being removed from your bladder.

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Thanks, Will for posting your status. Many reading this forum will appreciate in knowing about your case. Your downgraded Gleason score is good news as it classifies you in the intermediate risk.
Hopefully your PSA on the 8th week will be a case for commemoration.
I wish you a good 2011.

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