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All I Wanted For Christmas-

Kent Cass
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-was my two front teeth. Well, I got them back for $350 on the 22nd!

Tooth damage being a common H&N side effect, thought I could offer this bit of experience. My two front teeth developed large chips in the bottom-center of each, with a small crack running the now-shorter vertical length of each. What to do? On the 22nd I not only got my second post-treatment Crown, I also got a "composite" thing done to those front two teeth.
Dentist ground-away some existing tooth in the back, then filled it with new tooth composite, added to the bottom, and sealed the cracks. It's like I have two new front teeth, Folks! Not sure how long they will last like this, as he did say the bottoms will wear-away over time, but for now it really is kinda cool. So, this appears to be another option for fixing tooth damage done by the rads.

(a smiling) kcass

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That sounds great now you have a new look with you smile.

Merry Christmas to you my Friend

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Nothing perks up a person like a nice smile!!! Enjoy!!

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I chipped my right front tooth and bottom right front tooth, too. I just had mine done as well. Honest truth, I woke myself up this morning because I was having the most upsetting dream that three of my front teeth fell out and I couldn't get them back in. I was about crying before I woke up. I HATE the missing teeth or teeth falling out dreams. :( I still have more teeth to fix after the holidays.

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