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These ups and downs.

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Two days ago Mike rode the stationary bike in PT. He was bragging and goofing off with the nurses about it. Yesterday was no so good, lots of nausea and pain. Today I came in to his room and he didn't know where he was. Encephelopathy strikes again. They have been giving him the medicine to treat the ammonia that causes it, but its not working. I had to help him in the bathroom and clean him up. The man I married has disappeared again and its breaking my heart. Today I prayed that if he's too sick for the transplant that God will take him quickly. But who knows? In another two days he may be on the bike again.

I used to think the not knowing was the worst, but now I'm not so sure.

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Stupid cell phone. I just flagged myself by mistake

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Sorry you flagged yourself! A few times I've hit something and my posts got posted 2 or 3 times. These electronics can be a pain in the a-- sometimes can't they?
Gosh, this must be so hard for you with all the ups and downs with Mike. I hope he isn't suffering and will be able to get the transplant soon. Sounds like a rough road ahead for you guys, but be strong and we'll all keep praying so everything works out soon.
Hope you have a nice Christmas and remember to tell Mike you love him!!!

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Honey - same boat different harbor. Right there with ya.

Find your smile - I know it's hard but find it anyway. Better than all the lights on the tree.

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I am so sorry that you and Mike are going through this, but you are a strong woman. I know that you will pull through. You and Mike are always in my prayers.


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that today is a good day for you and Mike...

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