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2010 Update

John oldtmr
Posts: 33
Joined: Jun 2009

Hi Everyone,
Haven't been on in long time. Don't really know why. Last treatment was Aug.19,2009.Was clear last scan and check. Go for CAT scan and check the end of January. Will be 17 mos. Always have fingers crossed. Lost 70 lbs. and have kept it off.Needed to loose it, but not like that!! Went through a bout of depression, but doc put me on a happy pill and that worked. I still don't want to do much but feel good about it. I find it very easy to sleep for 8-9 hrs. but see from some of the posts that that is OK. My taste has changed and I find that it is hard to eat a lot that I used to. I can hardly eat beef and some pork. Poultry is so so but sea food is the easiest. A great deal of the problem is that I have a high level of dry mouth so bread, cake, meat,or any food that is dry is a problem as a great many of you know. Bottom line is that I'm OK and, I think, optimistic about the future. I'll be 66 in Feb. so am looking forward to a whole bunch more Febs.

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Hi John, we share a lot of the same fears and restrictions. Looking good for you. her's to a whole bunch more Febs.

John oldtmr
Posts: 33
Joined: Jun 2009

Thanks, I should have been on more. Just going through different posts makes you feel better.

Hondo's picture
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Joined: Apr 2009

66 I only dream of making it to 66, hay glad to have you back and hope all goes well with your PET in January. I agree with the seafood as I find meat too hard to chew and it takes to long eating. My wife started to use a blender to chop up some of the meat for me I find it easer to swallow that way but the enjoyment of being able to put the meat in your mouth and chew is not there.

Take care and keep posting

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Joined: Nov 2010

I am new to the Board but go through the problems we all go through..ie...dry mouth, taste, swallowing...always looking for new advice and products to help..along this journey..even after almost seven years.. there is nothing that surprises me with the big C hope we all see a lot more Feb... Mel

Kent Cass
Posts: 1898
Joined: Nov 2009

"Dream on," would have applied a couple years ago, for me, John. But now, 66? Awesome.


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