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CT results...Merry Christmas....

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Thought I'd drop in and say hello and Merry Christmas to everyone, and fill some of my friends in now.

Saw my oncologist yesterday for the results of the CT scan I had a couple of weeks ago (and for those I didn't tell - that was an experience in itself - the woman who schedule me - did so for a liver biopsy AND a ct scan - imagine my surprise! Now we wonder who DIDN'T get their liver biopsy!)

Anyway - of all things the liver is fine, fatty, but fine. However, there are "nodules" in both of my lungs - most on the left side, one on the right. Have a cyst on my kidney that is benign, and a uterine fibroid. oh boy. I get to go back for another CT in 4-6 months to check the lungs. Lookin at the bright side - no colonoscopy for 2 years....

Doc told me to concentrate now on the diabetes - which I have - my numbers have gone from 485 down to 144 and I feel much better.

Love you all -

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I'm glad they're keeping a check on those nodules. Good for you on getting that diabetes in check!


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I am glad they are keeping a good eye on you! It sounds like you are doing well with the diabetes; I am glad you are feeling better.

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Take care of the diabetes. Glad your liver is clear. I guess we'll just wait and see what happens with the lung nodules. Hope it's nothing.

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