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boney island

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my husband has limited small cell lung cancer and just went in for his first scan his news was pretty good his oncologist said his tumors were pretty much gone(he had a tumor that was 6 centimeters)all that was left was tissue however they discovered a spot on his hip bone which they were concerned about so they put him in for a bone scan and that never lit up so the doctor is cautiously optimistic that there is no cancer there but will watch it carefully i just wondered if anyone out there had experienced this he has no paine there what so ever and no injuries that he can recall this spot never showed up on his originial cat scan so i dont know if we should be nervous or not? any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou tracy

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I have a 4mm spot on my spine which was found after I had a CAT scan for some lower back pain. I had a follow up bone scan and the spot did not light up and I was told it was too small to biopsy and too small to light up. My onc says it may be a bone island, but will keep an eye on it. The pain in my lower back was not related to the spot and was deemed arthritis. So looks like we are in the same boat and must wait and watch.

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Hi Tracy
I think everyone has some kinda thing they have to keep an eye on.
They called me in after they did a cat scan on my back an told me my kidneys were full of cysts and there was spot on one kidney.
They will just keep an eye on it.
But I know it scares you .
And i don't blame you after finding out you have cancer every little thing scares you.
Bless you lots an just keep praying for the best.

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